Artists News See which two reasons stand out when Barış Falay accepts the TV series Ömer!

See which two reasons stand out when Barış Falay accepts the TV series Ömer!


After his successful performance in the TV series Menajerimi Ara (Call My Manager) in the previous season, Barış Falay returned to the TV series with the production of Ömer. The TV series Ömer, which is broadcast on Star TV on Monday evenings, is mentioned as a very successful project. Barış Falay was also well suited to the character of Reşat, which he portrayed.

Many TV series fans were almost imprisoned for the sincerity and outlook on life of the character of Ömer, played by Selahattin Paşalı. However, the words of Ömer’s father, Reşat, also deeply affect many viewers. Barış Falay fit the character of Reşat very well and for the audience, the actor’s return to the screen as the imam of the mosque was a complete turn off.

Barış Falay, who plays the role of Ömer in the new series of Star, produced by OGM Pictures, once again shows his acting skills as mosque imam Reşat Ademoğlu. Barış Falay, who has been involved in many successful projects to date, has started to become a popular name on social media with his new role.

Barış Falay accepted this with the influence of Cem Karcı, who is the director of Ömer series and also his friend. The good impression of OGM Pictures in the industry was also influential in Barış Falay’s acceptance of the offer. Here’s how the actor talked about the character:

“First of all, my director friend Cem Karcı was an important factor in my participation in this project. Again, the fact that Cem Karcı works with a company like OGM, which carries out its business meticulously, supports this situation.

I wanted to play roles that were not repetitive until today, that I could do my job, that were not similar to each other. It was also very important for me to accept the unifying structure of the character of Reşat that serves the whole of the story. Reşat is at the center of the main conflict of the story. This makes him a tragic character. As an actor, I enjoy this a lot. It offers the opportunity to change and transform.”

Barış Falay, who is very much ascribed to the character of Reşat, also received great support in the social media environment.

The characteristics of Reşat’s character were also very well integrated with the famous actor. Reşat, who has strong intuition, conscientiousness, compassion, and sincerely devoted to his family; He lives with his mother Nezahat and his son Ömer.

Reşat has two more children named Tahir and Nisa. Reşat, who distances himself after his daughter Nisa’s marriage that he does not approve, but questions this situation in his inner world, feels the anxiety of facing the same situation with his son Ömer this time.