[Selen Seyven] Turkish actress

21 March 2018 Wednesday, 17:11
[Selen Seyven] Turkish actress

[Selen Seyven]

Birthdate: April 2, 1986 Height: 160 cm

She was born on 2 April 1986 in Ankara. Müjdat Gezen Arts Center Theater Department finished. Her acting career began in 2004. She has appeared in movies as well as in the series.

Notable Works: 2004 Great Meeting, 2005 Fall Exile (asia), 2007 Genco (as Pınar), 2010 Doctors (as Arzu), 2011 Europe Europe (as Gül), 2011 Leyla and Mecnun (as Aysel), 2014 My Husband’s Family 2017 Clavicle Youngsters

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