Actors - Actresses Who is Selen Seyven? Height – Age – Series – Family

Who is Selen Seyven? Height – Age – Series – Family

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Selen Seyven Katırcıoğlu was born on April 2, 1986 in Ankara. Turkish TV series, cinema and theater actress.

Name: Selen Seyven Katırcıoğlu
Date of Birth: April 2, 1986
Place of Birth: Ankara
Height: 1.60 m.
Weight: 53 kg
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Eye color Hazel
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Spouse: Baran Yıldırım
Siblings: Dicle Katırcıoğlu
Pets: She has a dog.

Family: The daughter of an Uzbek mother and a Turkish father. She was born and raised in Ankara, originally from Bursa by her father. She has a sister. He is also the nephew of the famous director Ezel Akay. She married Baran Yıldırım in 2020.

Childhood years: She wanted to be an actress since her childhood, thanks to her love for her acting uncle. “I have another uncle, Altay Özbek, and he is an actor. When I was nine years old, he played the jester in the play “King Lear” by the City Theaters. I went to watch it with my mother. I was a child very much in love with my uncle, I liked him very much, and I even wanted to marry him when he grew up. When I saw him on the stage, I made it clear, “I will be an actress, too.” I even took part in children’s games in middle school, I even became a rabbit. I was also in the theater branch in high school. When I graduated, I directly entered Müjdat Gezen Art Center. Then I graduated, but I haven’t become an actress yet. ”

Education life: After graduating from Ankara Yahya Kemal Beyatlı High School, she studied acting at Müjdat Gezen Art Center.

Turning point of her career: She sees the series ‘Genco’ as the turning point of her career. “Being famous affects people’s lives profoundly and seriously. But nothing bothered me much. Normally, I am a person who smiles at people’s faces while walking on the street. After I got famous, I started to smile more. There have been nice changes in terms of money. I am doing the job I want to do. Genco is my first pupil and it has been a very successful business. I think I would not have been this happy if I had started this profession with another project rather than with Genco. Thanks to Genco, I am doing my job in the status I want. After the series, while I was living in the A standard, I suddenly started to lead an A plus standard life. In this way of life, there is no chance to live as before. Being known by all has been a radical change. ”

First step into acting: She started her television adventure in 2004 with the series ‘Büyük Buluşma’.

With which project did she shine? In 2007, she drew attention with the character “Pınar”, which he portrayed in the “Genco” series.

Personality traits: Cheerful, determined, hardworking, disciplined, funny. “I see myself as a pretty, sweet, energetic girl. My conversation with people is good. ”

Personal development: She uses a lot of observation and experience to improve herself in the acting field. “I develop myself with observation, experience and research. Wondering is our greatest teacher, I think. Of course, one should not overdo it. I try to develop by knowing people. Since my main resource is people, observing and listening to people always raises other questions in my mind and curiosity begins here. I search for a lot of expansions such as “Why do people behave like this?”, “What is the sub-psychology?” This situation sometimes directs my acting and sometimes even my life. ”

Mindset: She likes to express her feelings and thoughts freely. “If you believe something and know that it is true, you should be able to express it freely as you wish and we must live in such a world. If I think the woman’s place is not where she deserves, it is because I am a woman in this society and this is true. I should also have the greatest right to express this freely, especially since I am a woman, speaking on behalf of women. I do not like to censor myself, I do not prefer to practice it and I want to express my thoughts freely. ”

A source of happiness: Her uncle is famous director Ezel Akay. She is happy to have the chance to benefit from her intelligence, screen and cinema knowledge. “Ezel Akay is someone that I use a lot as screen knowledge and cinema knowledge. They were working in the same company with my mother. That’s why my childhood passed on sets thanks to them. First of all, I learned how the real work works thanks to Ezel Akay. But it didn’t have an effect on my getting into acting. He just gave me a small role on the set of ‘Hacivat ve Karagöz’ and asked me to get to know the set as an actor. It helped me to enter this sector as follows; I was consulting my uncle on the scenarios that came to me. I was getting ideas from him. I’m uncle after all. I think he is a very smart man. It is best to take advantage of his intelligence. ”

First motion picture: Ezel Akay / Hacivat Karagöz Neden Öldürüldü?

Her gaze on love: “It seems to me that love doesn’t really have a definition. Love can be so high that it creates an invention to erase the human mind after it leaves the human mind. Love is the most intense feeling in human beings, and the feeling that the human body secretes the most hormones when they live. The emotion that the brain works the most is love. Love for a person is completely different. Nobody can explain the question of “why do you fall in love?” I can only define love as the emotion that makes me the most hormone, makes me happy and upset the most. ”

Her view of life: She does her job with love and thinks that she will do it with love throughout her life. “I do not believe that professional love will end because I am fed from here. For example, I am fed by the book I read, from the movie I watched, from the series I watched, and from my circle of friends. There is always a side that keeps people vigorous and maintains a positive life. Either your lover will wake you up well in the morning, or you have received a successful grade from the exam at school, which will prepare you better for the next exam. This is what I’m talking about. Seeing that my profession is approved or appreciated and believing that you are doing well will take you to the next level better equipped. I made the right decision and that’s why I don’t think this love will ever end. ”

Her view of business life: She never wants to say ‘I have become an actor’. “Müjdat Gezen has a saying; He says, “I have been doing this profession for 50 years, but I am still not saying that I became an actor.” Because acting is not something when you say ‘I am’. As we live, the more we see, the better we can play. I think acting is important, not cuteness. When we entered the school, our first teaching was ‘We could never have happened’. That’s why I still could not be an actor. I will live trying to be an actor until I die. Sometimes I look at the script that comes in, “does it rate it?” Not in terms of acting. Otherwise we have to play everything. I can more or less understand what the audience wants. Our audience loves the family business. Offspring can watch together. I think the screen is looking for light outside of beauty. For example, it is on Stage. Talent is the source of light, and I think the screen loves you if you’re not talented. ”

Career plan: She tries to plan her career by making the right choice rather than talent, beauty, success, taking care that each role is not alike, trying to stop being the woman of the same role, and choosing different characters. “We usually decide together with my agency in the selection of projects. Everyone is saying their opinion. We’re talking about something different, a role I haven’t played before. Just because of this, I think a lot of actors have waited for years without doing anything. I also have a gap of 2 years where I was expecting a good role. After some point, people call you “Oh, a beautiful romantic comedy actor” or “Oh, a good drama actor.” If you try to make every choice different from each other in order to avoid this as much as possible, then I think you are becoming an actor. I started at a very young age. I made my first movie at the age of 17 and I was still reading. Since I was 17, of course, I made a lot of mistakes, I couldn’t make the right decisions, I couldn’t make the right choices, sometimes I went wrong, sometimes I did what I should do too late, but in general I’m still happy with where I am right now. I don’t get bad reviews from people, I don’t get bad reactions, I get good comments, I get good reviews. It is very important to work with the right choice and the right people because the industry is very crowded, how much everyone’s actor and agency guides you, with whom and where you are viewed, projects you prefer, etc. all of these determine where his next career will be. ”

Future Dream: The biggest dream of the future; the acting journey continues and never ends. “Because the best part of the profession is to always be on the stage. My strongest feeling is my professional love, which makes me happy and hugged. But my biggest goal, to sign a major feature films in Turkey. ”

Concerns: She wanted to be the forerunner of a society where animals are valued as much as humans. “I wish people would understand that animal rights are as valid as human rights and that only they cannot speak. Very ugly things are done to animals because they cannot speak. Yes, awareness is also increasing on the one hand, but I think awareness has always existed and never disappeared. The Ottomans were also feeding street animals in 1873, just as there were people who collected garbage, then there were people who fed the animals, but there were more and more behaviors such as rape and torture of animals. Maybe it’s always been, but thanks to the internet, we see who did what to whom; A sociopath child who digs the cat’s intestines, a maniac who squeezes out of the parrot’s throat. So I would like to be a pioneer of something conscientious. ”

How is she with social media? She is active on social media, but sometimes gets annoyed by the reactions he gets. “Just because you are famous sometimes, people can have this perception:‘ You have to think about what I think! “Your posts, tweets, posts on Instagram should be on what I say”. There is such an ugly pressure on people who have made a name. For example, Müjdat (Gezen) is my very beloved father who educated me, educated me free of charge for 4 years, graduated from his school, and when something troublesome happen to him, I would like to wish him well. But I got very ugly messages for doing this. Unfortunately we can come across these kinds of things; It may be thought that we have no free will, no decisions of our own. But I am in good conscience and defend what I believe. I think it shouldn’t be as normal as wishing my teacher a get well soon wish. So bad things are written that you get upset. This is the only point I complain about! Otherwise, I am not disrespected in any way, I even get very nice reactions, I get very sweet comments. ”

Who does she admire? She admires the actors in Yeşilçam period. “Of course I would like to play with Münir Özkul and Adile Naşit. I still have the opportunity to play with Şener Şen. But I was mainly in love with Tarık Akan, I liked him and Gülşen Bubikoğlu very much. I would have liked the two of them very well as a couple and in the movie ‘Oh Where’. ”

How does she keep her shape? She is doing sports, sports has always been in her life since she was young. “I have been raised with sports since my school life. I am from Ankara, I was sent to ice skate there, I went to ballet. I played licensed volleyball at Hacettepe University. I did licensed horse riding. Sports have always been on one side of my life, but lately I can only do pilates and I have time for it. But I love horse riding, playing volleyball, skating and boarding. ”


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