Who is Nursel Köse? Height - Age - Series - Family
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4 February 2023 19:07


Who is Nursel Köse? Height – Age – Series – Family

Nursel Köse was born on March 29, 1961 in Malatya. Turkish TV series, film actress and writer.

Name: Nursel Köse
Date of Birth: March 29, 1961
Place of Birth: Malatya
Height: 1.75 m.
Weight: 63 kg
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Eye color brown
Spouse: Ulrich Mertin
Siblings: She has 2 sisters.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nursel_kose/

Family: Malatya. Her father was a civil servant in the State Railways, her mother was a housewife. She has 2 older sisters. She married viola artist Ulrich Mertin, with whom she has been in love for 14 years, in Denmark in 2018. “I come from a family that cares a lot about art, music and theater. Especially poetry and literature were very important and central in our family. It still is, my brothers play instruments, and when we get together we sing together. Since my sisters studied at the teachers’ school, they used to come home with another instrument every time. My 2 older sisters also have poetry books. So we carry creative genes. Suddenly I did not come out because “I became an actor”. The family didn’t “Oh, what are we!”

Education life: She graduated from Cologne University, Department of Architecture. She worked as a writer in radio theaters while she was a student.

The first step to acting: Her television adventure in Turkey began with Sessiz Gece series in which he played ‘Aylin’ character.

With which project did she shine? She drew attention with the character “Keriman” in the TV series Broken Pieces.

Career in Germany: During her time in Germany, she organized various theater plays for children and adults. She later formed a women’s cabaret group, she. The name of the group was “Die Bodenkosmetikerinnen”, “Floor Cosmetics”. She toured all over Germany and German speaking countries between 1992-2007. She played the leading role in the play “Bear in My Leg” in SAKM / Istanbul in the 2009 season. She met with television in 2004. She took part in a TV series called SOKO Köln that year. “Turkey were difficult period, my sister was there because my parents wanted me to go to Germany. After I left, I did everything about my life myself. From my hobbies to my profession. When you do all these, you cover a lot of kilometers and you are so alone. I had no one to consult my decisions. I went to study architecture. I played in Turkish and German private theaters. If you are a family of workers in Germany, you stay away from the past and lives of foreigners living there, you look at them with different eyes, and you assume missions as you see the problems. We were all strangers. I did not separate them from the Turks. Germans call all foreign immigrants ‘kanaken’. They use it as an insult. We staged plays based on the words they used against foreigners, and touched upon immigrant problems. I worked as an architect after school, but focused on acting and writing. I am very impassioned. After going to Germany at the age of 17, I let myself go with the flow of life. I have always gone versatile, I am the type that can carry 9 watermelons under his seat. I made theater, made cabarets, produced youth plays, I gave literacy courses to women in Germany, I gave German courses, I wrote radio theater. ”

Personality traits: Friendly, dominant, meticulous, hardworking. “It is not like a human mold, there is no such thing as” I am a man, I am such a woman. ” Man is a changing being. But I hear this issue of dominance a lot, they say ‘man eats’. I have not eaten anyone until today, I swear to God, my record is clean! My punctuality, meticulousness and work ethic are my favorite aspects. I behave very sensitive and equal to everyone from the tea maker to the director on the sets. I am a loyal friend. I do not banish people from my life unless I make big mistakes, I am forgiving. I don’t like to fight, I even get scratched. I do not tolerate injustice. I am also afraid of lies and slander. I am a beautiful woman. I pay attention to my physique. I guess empty beauty is useless. Mind is also required. I am a smart woman. The combination of these two is rare. I guess that’s why they call me ‘sexy’. ”

Mindset: She gives importance to honesty in her private life. “Honesty is also a relative concept. I am an actor, first of all there is no such thing as honesty in my profession. There is constant variability required by the profession; I go in and out of different characters all the time. So everything comes out of me! Sometimes we lie, sometimes we have fears and traumas. If you are human, expect what you expect from me. I expect the same from you. To protect myself, I can have such a mask against the outside. Actually I’m very humorous. I am soft hearted and cannot hold grudges. I am like cotton compared to the characters I portray. I am disciplined because I come from the German school. I am sensitive to my job and work hard. I make myself suffer a lot, I observe everything. I care not what people say, but what people tell with their bodies. The characters I play with play with their bodies. I keep my private with precision. ”

What kind of person is she on set? She thinks that there is no role that the director cannot play after realizing what she wanted on set. On stage, she feels naked and unprotected. “I’m the only one after all. The loneliness of the stage is not shared. It’s not in front of the camera, it has an afterthought magic. You can watch your work a week later. In addition, the camera repeats itself, you say ‘It didn’t work, we cut it’ and cut it. There is no role I can’t handle. Because now I know the method of the work. After you’ve written your prescription, you get ready for every role. A good actor is an actor who knows and understands what the director wants. ”

Source of happiness: “After the Broken Pieces series, her recognition increased. He is very pleased with the attention he has received. “My audience has changed a lot. In a moment, millions became acquainted with it. They are still on the street saying “Mrs. Keriman.” It is not difficult to see, on the contrary, it is very nice to see that you are loved. Of course, by the way, there is no special survival. I don’t have big disappointments in life. I am God’s lucky servant. I lived my life as I wanted. The steering wheel has always been in my hand. I went abroad to study university at the age of 17. Therefore, I was not involved or interviewed. I did whatever blew my head. I lived wherever I wanted it. It will be like exaggeration, but I have a lot of happy memories. The day after Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt walk on the red carpet, my walking and receiving an award are the moments when I am happiest. I love my country very much and acting in other countries makes me happy. ”

First feature film: Hark Bohm / Yasemin

Look at love: Love is very important. Even though the most striking aspect seems to be to the opposite sex, love exists in many places in life. It’ll be funny and cliché, but I’m in love with my profession. This is my hobby. Love is consistency and passion. The relationship can turn into other things, you can fall in love with the same person again, which I do very well. The softest for us; Love is what makes it the most bland, most arabesque. I believe I managed the relationship very well. It has to do with what is wrong and what is right over the years, and how we can get rid of our complexes. If you have a relationship based on yourself, no one else can make you happy. If I am not happy, if I have no peace, self-esteem, love, or if I am not pampering myself, nobody can pamper me. When we fall in love with things that we cannot reach in life, we are waiting for you. The poor person will make you happy, do their shopping, work as a man, and understand your mood. Expecting everything from that man means opening the doors of unhappiness. I know the mathematics of relationships. A lot of my friends get ideas from me. Like jealousy! You will not secretly scramble your phones, social media accounts, e-mails. Too much of everything is harmful, such as unnecessary curiosity, falling on the other, being a motherly one. ”

Her view of life: She enjoys making people laugh. “From time to time, they ask,” Why are you in the world, what is the purpose of life? ” Laughing is very special, very healthy, it changes your view of life. We are almost in the “Let’s just tickle and laugh” mood. Fortunately, we can now reach the middle of the houses through white glass. I believe that every person has a light and some people have dark. I call it beauty that his work is identified with himself, that he does not look silent on it, that something is digested. Beauty is a state of reflection that your body and heart are not in conflict. Yes, I find myself beautiful. When I say to myself “Ahhh, how beautiful I am today”, that day is very bright and happy. Surprises in life do not scare me, I am open to everything. Every day, I see it as a gift, and I say, “He gave us one more day to our Almighty Lord.”

Perspective on business life: Although she was involved in many projects before, she caught his fame after the age of 40 with the Broken Pieces series. “My job is also my hobby, I do my job with enthusiasm and love. Every player has breaking points. I believe that I have paid off in my previous works, but of course the white screen is not like a cinema, it reaches more masses. So was the ‘Yeter’ character in ‘On the Edge of Life’, so was ‘Keriman’ in ‘Broken Pieces’. Actually, I played different characters, but there are torn female roles trying to hold on to life. I also find myself funny. I’m so funny! It was a bit late notice on this side of Turkey. However, I did a cabaret for a year and I know the core of that job. It is believed to be the comedy side of beautiful women ever in Turkey. After all, women don’t usually enjoy laughing at themselves! He thinks he is laughing at him, not jokes, he cannot digest. We like to be loved more, to be admired and to sit nicely. Laughing and laughing opens another door, you paint a different image of a woman. ”

Career plan: Fatih Akin’s “The Edge of Heaven ‘was the first film award for her role in Turkey. Then her career gained momentum in Turkey. “After the award, I got excited, they showed interest and I came and went for small small drama roles. Then I came for a longer time. I am here long term for now. Of course I also have a house in Germany, but now I’m here. I’m doing an international business from God, I can play anywhere in the world, but I want to be in Turkey. I longed to play in my own language because my life has never been monotonous. I was not in the mentality of “You get the training of a job and you always continue your life by doing that job”. All these works continued over time. I also wrote poetry and story books. The audience loves me for taking the 100 percent bad character and turning it into a little ‘human’. After the roles I played, ‘Don’t go out on the street, protect yourself on the street, wear a wig. I received warnings such as “They will beat you.” And I said, “I will play this bad guy well,” I made the character love and put myself to safety and I didn’t get beaten. They were cursing at first. Later, they turned to “My dear Nursel Köse”. On social media, I get the comments “You made us love the bad”.

How did she decide to write a book? “Clown Freedom” was a book she had always wanted to write. “Who is Nursel Köse? Where has he been until this time? and answers to more questions in this book. I am a person who attaches great importance to comedy acting. I did cabera and stand up for years in my overseas roots. Comedy acting requires a very serious discipline, even it is called “Royal discipline” in acting. So there is a very different, special and difficult way. How do you get to that road? How do you become a comedy actor? I explained it based on my unique experiences. It is also written on the back of the book. Mottom; ‘Discover the clown, instead of the child inside you. It should remove some taboos from your head. A player should not say, “I don’t play this, I don’t play that.” It should be completely free of the fears that society imposes on us. That’s what the clown says. ”

Concerns: She experienced the difficulty of being a woman in the industry. Both in Turkey and in Europe women find it ominous that face similar problems. ” It is the same in world cinema and European cinema. When 2-3 women make a movie together, it is called “Women’s cinema” and it is compressed into a template. However, there is no stigma or categorization of the project with the army of men. There is positive discrimination. In this world where there is no gender equality, such discrimination occurs frequently. The issue of women starts from two zeros behind in every part of life and art. If a woman is beaten in Europe, the police do not say “Kiss wife’s hand, peace”, but take the man out. In fact, men’s violence has always been. Violence also comes from families. It’s also violent for the mother to throw the slipper when she knocked over the glass. Parents are not conscious of the slap he threw to his child. That child can also slap his wife in the future. We have digested violence. I was attacked by skinheads 2-3 times on the street in Germany. Since I had black eyes and eyebrows, they turned around me, spat and bruised me. Every time near the end, Allah looked at me and I was saved. We had a lot of trauma and fears. NSU Murders, burning down of houses, assaults on the streets and deaths were frequent. It entered my dreams for a long time. I could not tolerate the skinhead and the fascist. This is one of my reasons for getting colder from Germany. ”

How does she keep her shape? She has not dieted throughout her life and is fed according to herblood type. “I do sports but I am not a yoga mogul. ‘Fitness! Run, sweat, I am not one of the ruins. I do Asian sports. I learned to heal, get in shape, and get stronger with breath. ”

What does she do at home? A good housewife is good with the kitchen, she likes to cook. “My food repertoire is not very wide, but I do it very well. I have a few dishes, my salad and pasta varieties are famous. I love Italian cuisine. If they let go, I could have pizza before or after meals! ”


2004 – SOKO Köln / Aische Ceman

2005 – Sessiz gece / Aylin

2006 – Köprü / Saliha

2007 – Türkisch für Anfänger (Yeni Başlayanlar için Türkçe)/ Gülcan Süleyman

2007 – Day Dreaming / Nur Seven

2007 – Kartallar Yüksek Uçar/ Mebrure

2007 – Die Familienanwältin / Frau Yilmaz

2008 – Tatort / Immobilienmaklerin

2008 – Großstadtrevier

2008- Kalpsiz Adam (Heartless Man) / Meliha

2009 – Mordkommission Istanbul / Yelda Akdamar

2009 – Kış Masalı (Winter Tale)

2010 – Çok Güzel Hareketler Bunlar

2011 – Red Scarf / Maryamhan

2012 – Fallen Angel / Bedia

2012 – München 7 / Ayşe Armut

2014 /2017– Broken Pieces / Keriman Akçatepe

2015- 2015 Kreuzfahrt ins Glück /Leyla Günes

2018/2019 – Courtyard / Kudret Öztürk

2019/2020 – Golden Cage / Kevsa Cibranoğlu

2021- Arıza / İhtiyar


1988- Yasemin / Emine

2001- Anam / Anam

2003- Une grande fille comme toi / (TV Film)

2003- Savannah / Frau Dubonnet (TV Film)

2004 – Kebab Connection / Hatice, Ibos Mutter

2005 – Eine andere Liga / Hayats Chefin

2007- On The Egde Of Life / Yeter Öztürk

2009 – 7 Avlu / Zarife

2010 – Ayrılık / Gül

2011- Kardelen / Hatice

2011 – 72. Koğuş / Kuru Nedime

2011- Merhaba / Aunt Mine

2011- Anduni / Fremde Heimat

2012 – Dedeler En İyisini Bilir /Makbule (Short Film)

2012- Gassal (Short Film)

2013 – 300 Worte Deutsch / Aunt Damla

2014 – Kuzu / Safiye

2015-Unterm Radar / Amira (TV Fili)

2015- İçimde Akan Nehir/ Suna

2016 -Kaçma Birader: Taksim Yolcusu Kalmasın/ Züleyha

2016- Propaganda 2

2017- 2017 Die Hölle/ Hande

2017- Ein Fisch namens Liebe / Fatma Ciller (TV Film)

2018- Eski Köye Yeni Adet

2019- Ölü Yatırım/ Nurhayat

2021- Hilal, Feza and Other Planets (post-production)/ Bas Hemsire

2021 Dilberay Küçük Dev KadIn (completed)


1996 – Die Ameisenfrau

1998 – Der Schlangenbrunnen

2008 – Der verbannte Vogel

2009 – Sürgün Kuşu


1996 – Der Liebe zum Trotz / Sevdaya İnat – Şiir

1997 – Hafızamda Oturuyorsun – Şiir

2000 – Ütopya – Şiir

2000 – WDR – Şiir, Öykü

2018 – Soytarı Özgürlüğü / Kitap


2007 – 44th Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival / Best Supporting Actress / On the Edge of Life

2007 -19. Ankara International Film Festival / On the Edge of Life

2007 – 1. Yeşilçam Awards / Best Supporting Actress / On the Edge of Life

2010 – Safranbolu Film Festival / Honorary Award

2010 – Datça Film Festival / Honorary Award

2014 -51. International Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival / Best Actress in a Supporting Role

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