Stolen Life | Subject - Cast - Trailers - Episodes - Video (Turkish TV Series)
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Stolen Life | Subject – Cast – Trailers – Episodes – Video (Turkish TV Series)

Stolen Life (Kara Ekmek) is a Turkish television series signed by Limon Film, directed by Taner Akvardar and written by Gül Abus Semerci and Yelda Eroğlu.

The Stolen Life series, which was broadcast on ATV screens and attracted great attention, remained on the screen for 1 season and 27 episodes. Important names such as Özlem Yılmaz, Engin Hepileri, Ushan Çakır and Altan Erkekli took part in the production. Impressing a wide audience, Black Bread was one of the projects that left a mark on the screen.

Channel: ATV
Producer: Limon Film
Genre: Drama
Release Date: January 23, 2015 – December 25, 2015
Venue: Istanbul
Duration: 110 minutes
Music: Alpay Göltekin
Starring: Özlem Yılmaz, Engin Hepileri, Ushan Çakır, Altan Erkekli, Gülçin Santırcıoğlu, Elifcan Ongurlar, Anıl İlter.
Cast: Anıl İlter, Başak Daşman, Hale Akınlı, Gönen Aykaç, Berkay Tulumbacı, Ali Barışık.


During its publication, the social media accounts of the series were actively used. Trailers from all accounts, photos from the series and various information were shared. You can find both short scenes and all episodes and trailers on the Youtube channel.

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The Stolen Life series, which asked the audience, “Did You Have Big Dreams?” And “Is A Life Ending, Will It Begins Again?” The Stolen Life series, which was decided to be final when the ratings were thought, made the final with 37 episodes.


Asiye is a young girl trying to live with her brutal stepmother and her overbearing father in a poor neighborhood. As if life is not over enough, she also gets pregnant from her lover. However, her lover strongly refuses to marry her. Asiye takes her accumulated anger with the knife she shakes at the boy.

Now there is no other solution for Asiye but to escape from her hated neighborhood. Her brother Mine does not leave Asiye alone either. Two sisters with no money in their pockets must hitchhike. The car they ride belongs to the grandson of one of the few wealthy people in the country. Their path will take them to a completely different place than they thought, and change the fates of the four forever.

Now Asiye is on the brink of a life beyond all her ambitions and desires.


Actor (Character)
Özlem Yılmaz (Asiye / Selen)
Engin Hepileri (Taylan)
Ushan Çakır (Çetin)
Altan Erkekli (Salim)
Gülçin Santırcıoğlu (Pervin)
Elifcan Ongurlar (Mine)
Anıl İlter (Ali)
Başak Daşman (Hale)
Hale Akınlı (Kadriye)
Gönen Aykaç (Semra)
Berkay Tulumbacı (Berkant)
Ali Barışık (Mehmet)


The shooting of the TV series Stolen Life took place in Istanbul. The scenes of mansion were shot on the Sarıyer beach in the series, which depicts the slum on one side and the luxury life on the other. Slum scenes were shot in Beykoz Yenimahalle and Ümraniye.


The music of the TV series Stolen Life belongs to Alpay Göltekin. The generic music of the series is listed below.

Stolen Life Generic Music


The first trailer from the Stolen Life series was released on the social media accounts of ATV and the series in January 2015. The first images aroused the audience’s curiosity.

First Introduction:

You can find all the broadcast trailers of the Stolen Life series on ATV’s website.

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The series Stolen Life began airing on ATV screens on January 23, 2015. The series, which continued for 2 seasons, made an early final when the ratings were thought. The series said goodbye to the screens with its 37th episode, which aired on December 25, 2015.

You can watch all the episodes of the Stolen Life series on the official Youtube page.


The impressive music of the TV series Stolen Life was also shared on the youtube channel. You can listen to some of these music below;

Stolen Life / Lie

Stolen Life / Love Sadness Music


The footage behind the scenes of the Stolen Life series, which was shot in different districts of Istanbul, was also broadcast on the YouTube channel from time to time.
Exclusive Interviews with the Cast of Stolen Life Series

Behind the Scenes of Stolen Life

Stolen Life Episode 32 and 33 Behind the Scenes


You can watch some of the unforgettable scenes of Stolen Life series below. All the special scenes of the series can be watched from the “Videos” section on the Youtube official page.

Taylan Kissed Mine!

Berkant Suspects that Asiye is Alive!

Asiye and Seda fights!

Ali Can’t Give Up Mine!

Pervin Learned That Salih Was Cheating!

Asiye and Taylan talk

Hale Cannot Be With Taylan

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