Actors - Actresses [Serkan Cayoglu] Turkish actor

[Serkan Cayoglu] Turkish actor


[Serkan Cayoglu]

Birthdate: May 31, 1987 Height: 187 cm Weight: 83 kg

Actor was born on May 31, 1987 in Germany. He has a twin brother who is not like him. He studied economics in college in Germany. While studying in college, he also modeled.

He came to Istanbul to be a player, he took acting classes. He played in the season finale of the “North South” line in 2012.

He has appeared in series, movies and various music clubs.

He had a huge fan base with the Cherry Season series.

Notable Works 2012- North South (Kuzey Güney) 2014- Olive Hill (Zeytin Tepesi) (as Burak Altayli) 2014- Cherry Season (Kiraz Mevsimi) (as Ayaz Dinçer)