Artists News Sevda Erginci was the target of criticism arrows with this pose!

Sevda Erginci was the target of criticism arrows with this pose!


Actress Sevda Erginci, who returned as a guest actress in Fox TV’s Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple) series, delighted the Yasak Elma audience with her decision.

When the Yasak Elma series first started, the actress who gave life to Zeynep, the sister of the “Yıldız” character played by Eda Ece, was very popular.

Sevda Erginci, who left the Yasak Elma due to the story of the series in the following episodes, joined the series as a guest actress with the same character in the 6th season.

The last post of Sevda Erginci, who uses social media actively, caused the reaction of some of her followers.

The actress, who has 1.8 million followers on Instagram, shared her poses while smoking in the mansion where the Yasak Elma series was filmed. The photo frames taken by actress Melisa Doğu, who played her mother ‘Asuman’ in the series, disturbed some of the actress’s followers.

Under the photos, some of Sevda Erginci’s fans wrote, “I wish you didn’t pose that makes smoking look good!” and comments such as “I could never find that cigarette in the hand of such a beautiful woman, frankly”.

It was announced that Erginci, who was included in the series with the 150th episode, will be a guest actress. The audience is sad that she is only a guest actress after this beautiful surprise. However, it is possible that the situation will change in the future!