Artists News Sevda Erginci, who made the finale of the El Kızı series, will surprise with a new project

Sevda Erginci, who made the finale of the El Kızı series, will surprise with a new project


Famous actress Sevda Erginci started the TV series Elkızı with great excitement at the beginning of the season. The actress, who shared the lead role with İsmail Ege Şaşmaz, had the misfortune of not increasing the ratings despite being an effective story and good acting performances.

One of Fox TV’s series that made an early finale this season was Elkızı and another series ended with the 13th episode. Sevda Erginci, on the other hand, stepped into a much more effective job for her career after this project.

Sevda Erginci, who is preparing to take part in the theater play called Anne, will meet her fans on stage this time. The first play will be staged on March 17 and the famous actress will be part of an impressive story.

The theater play “Anne”, which brings together Defne Kayalar, Engin Hepileri, Doğa Halis and Sevda Erginci, will attract great attention. “Anne”, a theatrical script written by Oscar-winning French writer Florian Zeller, is part of the trilogy with “Father” and “Son” in 2018, which also won an Oscar for Anthony Hopkins.

The play presents the disappearance of a mother in the masculine family structure to the audience with a striking language of comedy and hysteria. Its wants the audience to witness how a woman’s life slips away, with the curiosity aroused by the repetitive scenes.

Instead of presenting the male-dominated family structure in the usual way, the Parisian writer wrote with a psychological tension that could add vital perspectives to the audience in metropolitan life.

The play, in which Defne Kayalar plays the mother, Engin Hepileri the father, Sevda Erginci’s daughter and Doğa Halis son, will begin its journey with its premiere at the Moda Stage on March 17.