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20 August 2022 02:53


Sevda Erginci’s height issue will also be a problem in her new series!

There are new developments in the new series of the famous actress Sevda Erginci, which was known as Civan Mert, which was expected with great enthusiasm, but later changed to Seni Kalbime Sakladım (I Saved You To My Heart). Born in 1993 in Istanbul, the actress has been among the prominent names with her effective acting performance since 2012.

The actress, who impresses with the character of Ayşe in the TV series Karagül (Black Rose), is also remembered with the character of Zeynep in the TV series Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple). The actress, whom we have watched in different TV series recently, appeared on Fox TV this season with Elkızı.

Sevda Erginci had problems with the producers, especially in choosing tall partners for her, and it is understood that this situation will continue… The height issue of Sevda Erginci, who is 1.59 meters tall, started when she partnered with 1.95 meters tall Onur Tuna in the TV series Yasak Elma.

In this process, the fact that the difference in height, which was reflected on the screen, was obvious, caused discussions in the social media, and the famous actress was always on the agenda for this reason.

This season, İsmail Ege Şaşmaz, who is her partner in the Elkızı TV series, has a height of 1.83 meters and a more reasonable and better appearance.

However, Sevda Erginci will appear with a tall partner in the TV series Seni Kalbime Sakladım, which she will appear in front of the audience again in the season.

Ekin Mert Daymaz, whom we watched in the last TV series Hayaller ve Hayatlar (Dreams and Lives), will be the male lead of the new series in the new season.

The duo of Sevda Erginci and Ekin Mert Daymaz will also be talked about a lot on social media with the issue of height. Ekin Mert Daymaz, who is 1.93 meters tall, was born in 1990 and has managed to gain a large fan base with different characters since 2014.

As in the Yasak Elma series, we will watch Sevda Erginci in the character of Zeynep again. The actress will play a rich woman and the series, which will be broadcast on TRT1 screens, is expected to begin in August.

The preparations for the series, in which Gökçe Akyıldız and Elçin Afacan are also included, are continuing and the team is expected to appear on the set soon.

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