Şevval Sam and Eda Ece betrayed the big change in the Yasak Ema series!
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5 February 2023 07:45


Şevval Sam and Eda Ece betrayed the big change in the Yasak Ema series!

Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple) series is one of the most curious series of the season. The Yasak Elma series is a production that surprises the audience with brand new developments and surprises in each new season. It was on Fox TV as a popular production on Monday evenings for 5 seasons. It was decided to continue in season 6. The series, which was launched as the last season by the producer company, is returning to the screen soon.

The changes that will occur in the series with the September season are also eagerly awaited. After the scene where Çağatay, Yıldız and Ender flew off the cliff by car in the last episode of the last season, who died and who stayed was the subject of curiosity throughout the summer. With Berk Oktay’s transition to another series, it was understood that Çağatay left the series.

The situation of Şevval Sam in the series was not clear. With the published trailer, the situation is now clear! Eda Ece, Şevval Sam, Murat Aygen and Biran Damla Yılmaz continue as the leading roles in the series. It is also seen in the trailer that Yıldız and Doğan have a daughter. At the same time, Doğan’s vows of revenge to Yıldız, who was imprisoned, are a sign that very moving episodes are coming in the new season!

Two new actors, Bekir Aksoy and Ece Özdikici, are joining the series. Many changes are waiting for the audience in the story where the cards are shuffled again with these two names. It was revealed that there will be a time jump in the series with the new characters, first Eda Ece and then Şevval Sam’s shares from the set!

Commenting on what will happen in the 6th season of the series, whose broadcast date has not been clarified yet, “it’s like a joke”, Eda Ece also gave the tip that very surprising developments are on the way! In addition, Eda Ece, who also showed the change in herself, showed that Yıldız’s hair was getting longer and darker in her new image.

Şevval Sam also excited her fans with a post from her first days on the set! Şevval Sam, who heralded her comeback with the written post “Ender is Back”, revealed her new image with her long hair.

It is estimated that the hair of the actress, whose hair is short at the end of the season, will not grow that much during the summer.

At the end of the season, when the last scene was shot and leaving the set, the actress was given flowers and Şevval Sam shared these moments.

In the 5th season finale of the series, her hair was on her shoulders and cut bluntly. However, in the shooting of the new episode, it is seen that her hair is quite long. It is understood that her image in the series, which is learned that there will be a time jump, has been changed for this reason.

It is also seen with the first promotion that the 6th season will start with surprises. The regulars of the series are pleased with the continuation of Yıldız and Ender characters. The promotion, in which hints about new events to be experienced, were given, also increased the excitement.

In the series, in which Şebnem Dönmez continues, it is seen that Yıldız’s wealth has grown exponentially, Doğan is imprisoned, Ender-Yıldız and Handan are running the company, while Kumru expands her revenge by telling her father what happened!

It is understood that Yıldız named her child with her first husband Halit as Halit Can, and named her second child with Doğan as Yıldız Su. Yıldız, who has two children together with the little actor who participated in the series, is again in the middle of the events with all his fun…

From Doğan’s words, it was understood that the person who put him in jail was Yıldız. While the details about the subject are a matter of curiosity, it is also seen in the trailer that Yıldız turned into an even more entertaining personality after getting richer.

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