Artists News Şevval Sam and Eda Ece will detonate the real bomb after Yasak Elma is finished!

Şevval Sam and Eda Ece will detonate the real bomb after Yasak Elma is finished!

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Yasak Elma series continues to meet the audience on Fox TV on Monday evenings. The ratings of the series, which continues its fifth season, are very good. Şevval Sam and Eda Ece, who portray the characters of Ender and Yıldız in the series, also give very good performances.

The two famous actors, who turned their friendship that started on the set into friendship and became very close to each other, went to dinner together when they had the opportunity to shoot. Eda Ece and Şevval Sam were caught on camera at the exit of the meal and answered the questions of the reporters.

Şevval Sam said, “We worked very hard on the set, we had a hard time finding time for ourselves.” Eda Ece reminded that they also need such activities.

The collaboration of the duo in the series made Yasak Elma come to this day. In fact, preparations have begun for the sixth season of the series. This means that we can see the duo together again in the next season.

So, do they plan to do a different project together? Reporters conveyed the questions of many fans. When Şevval Sam said “Anything will happen”, Eda Ece emphasized that they got along well and explained that they could do any kind of project together.

Do not be surprised if the duo, who smile together and add joy and energy to the atmosphere, takes part in a bomb-like project after Yasak Elma is over. Both the fans have a very strong demand in this direction and they seem eager for such a project that will reveal their energies.