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9 August 2022 16:18


Şevval Sam, Ender of the Yasak Elma, is in the cast of a surprise series!

Singer and Actress Şevval Sam has been receiving great acclaim with the Ender character in the Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple) TV series for 5 seasons. Şevval Sam, who successfully gave life to a character like Ender by turning the opposite corner after the serial characters that the audience is used to, almost identified with an Ender who made the audience laugh and became a phenomenon.

Having a lot of fun with Ender as a caricatured character, Şevval Sam plays this character, whose plot never ends, so well that no one can imagine the Yasak Elma without her. Together with Eda Ece, they are almost indispensable in the Yasak Elma series.

However, of course, it is stated that only Eda Ece will continue in the new season in the series, which is expected to continue in the 6th season, while the subject of Şevval Sam is still in doubt. It is spoken according to some backstage information that the actress will also take part in the 6th season, but still no statement has been made.

It has been learned that the Yasak Elma series, which is moving towards the season finale, will take a role in the ambitious series RU, which will be shot for Disney Plus in the summer! Meryem Uzerli and Mert Yazıcıoğlu would play the leading roles in the TV series Ru, which will be shot in İzmir Urla.

However, it was learned that Mert Yazıcıoğlu left the project a short time ago. With this development, it was a matter of curiosity who would play the character of Uzer, which Mert Yazıcıoğlu gave up playing. In the meantime, it was learned with these developments that Şevval Sam will play the role of Uzer’s mother.

A forbidden love between a young man and a middle-aged woman comes to the fore in Disney Plus’s RU series, which will start broadcasting in Turkey on June 14. It has been recently announced that Emre Karayel will give life to Emir, the husband of Reyan, who will be played by Meryem Uzerli.

Zafer Algöz and Derya Alabora also play roles in the series, which will tell the story of a great forbidden love between Uzer and Reyan, despite the age difference between them.

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