Sevval Sam exaggerates the character of Ender!
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28 January 2023 17:31


Sevval Sam exaggerates the character of Ender!

In the Forbidden Apple series broadcasted on Fox TV on Monday evenings, Sevval Sam plays the character of Ender. Ender is very different from the roles that the actress previously played … The reason for this is that she is very discrete and exaggerated.

Some viewers find the character of Ender too extravagant. However, this is done deliberately and Sevval Sam is making extra efforts to give that exaggerated atmosphere. Sevval Sam, who wanted to take part in the roles of bad women, had reached this with Ender. The producer of the series, Fatih Aksoy, has a request from the actress.

The actress spoke as follows: “For the first time, Fatih Aksoy was able to show this courage. He offered me such a character. He even said to me,” This is not a natural character, but a protest character. So exaggerate as much as you can ”

Acknowledging that she escaped too much to revive the role, Sevval Sam explained that this also turned into a different character in herself.

“I try to analyze that character and try not to read the person straight,” said the actress. Stating that it is very difficult to make Ender-style movements in daily life, Sevval Sam explained that he could not adopt such a thing.

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