Şevval Sam goes to the Yasak Elma set without sleeping but still happy!
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5 February 2023 08:03


Şevval Sam goes to the Yasak Elma set without sleeping but still happy!

Famous Actress and Singer Şevval Sam spends busy days in order to pursue both professions together. Sam, who came to the screen every Monday with the Ender character she played in the Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple) series, came to the fore with the news that she would not be in the 6th and last season of the series for a while, but she accepted the new season.

Şevval Sam took the stage that she missed so much during the summer, met with her audience in different cities, and came to the fore with her concerts. Şevval Sam, who could not go on stage much while the Yasak Elma set was going on, had a nice and enjoyable time by touring in the summer months.

The actress, whose concerts were thought to be interrupted due to the set of Yasak Elma, whose new season started to appear on the screen in September, did not slow down! While Şevval Sam continues to take the stage, she is also running to the set!

Sam, who sometimes gives concerts in different cities and goes back to Istanbul to go to the set without sleeping, participated in the shooting of Yasak Elma, shared her intense tempo with her followers and fans with a post on her Instagram page.

Şevval Sam told that although she had a busy day, she still went to the set and worked, and that she found this strength in the love she received from her followers.

Şevval Sam, who shared her photo from a hotel room in the post that her co-star Eda Ece liked, said, “Again, hotel rooms, concerts… Again tonight, returning at dawn… again, connecting to the set and shooting without sleeping… Of course, I don’t seem to be brooding over here. Because fortunately, I love what I do and your love is always very valuable”.

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