She received special training! You will see Özge Gürel very differently in the Sipahi TV series!
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3 February 2023 16:24


She received special training! You will see Özge Gürel very differently in the Sipahi TV series!

Özge Gürel came to the screens with the TV series Hayaller ve Hayatlar (Dreams and Lives). The series signed by NG Medya, unfortunately, came to an end without seeing the end of the season in the 26th episode when the ratings were low. In the summer, Gürel came to the fore by marrying her long-time colleague Serkan Çayoğlu.

Özge Gürel, whose fans are eagerly waiting for her new series, is preparing to meet with the audience this time with the TV series Sipahi, which was shot for Show TV. This time we will watch the successful actress with a police character. Özge Gürel did not neglect to take some lessons beforehand for the character she played!

With the trailer released a while ago, the interest in the Sipahi series increased! It was learned that Özge Gürel took special shooting lessons while she was preparing for her role, and she received weapons training as part of her role. For the new series of Show TV, whose broadcast date is not yet known, Özge Gürel gave a message that excited her fans by saying, “There is very little left”!

Talking about the shooting that started in Gaziantep, the actress stated that her scenes here were completed and then she returned to Istanbul. Özge Gürel also stated that the team went to Germany and said, “We are shooting in Berlin. After completing them, there is nothing left to broadcast anyway, ”she said.

Özge Gürel, who we usually see in romantic comedies, is getting ready to appear before the audience with a completely different character this time. The actor also tells in an interview that she could not stand the beauty of the food in Gaziantep, where she went for the drama she spoke assertively!

We will watch Özge Gürel, who admits that she can’t help herself with Antep dishes despite her attention to her form, with the character of Anti-Terrorism Commissioner Canan Doğan in the series.

Stating that she is waiting for the action-packed scenes with excitement, Özge Gürel states that she is also very pleased with the crew of the Sipahi TV series with the following words: “We are already a very sweet team, we are working with full motivation right now.”

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