Shock scenes came back to back in the Duy Beni series!
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6 December 2022 07:36


Shock scenes came back to back in the Duy Beni series!

Star TV’s popular youth series, Duy Beni (Hear Me), came to the screen with its 12th episode on Thursday evening. The series, which started in the summer, continues on its way with a loyal audience. The developments in the new episode of the series, which received great support from social media, revealed results that surprised everyone.

Some time before the series, it was discussed that Ege Kökenli, who played the character of Bahar, and Berk Hakman, who played Selim, would leave. It was also known that Ege Kökenli left voluntarily. It was a matter of curiosity how Bahar teacher will go from the series. Things got mixed up at the funeral of Bahar teacher, who learned that she died by falling down the stairs! While Bahar lost her life because of Emine, Emine could not bear this responsibility and committed suicide.

Makbule Kosif writes the script of the series, directed by Ali Balcı, signed by Süre Film. Helin Kandemir, Sümeyye Aydoğan, Burak Can will continue to be the prominent names of the series, along with the young actors Caner Topçu and Rabia Soytürk, with the departure of the leading roles of Berk Hakman and Ege Kökenli.

The exciting scenes in the 12th episode of the “Duy Beni” series made a lot of talk on social media. It succeeded to become the most talked-about series of the day by making a big difference to its rivals, Mahkum (Prisoner), Aldatmak (Deception), Camdaki Kız (Girl in the Glass) and Gelsin Hayat Bildiği Gibi (Come life as it knows.)

After Bahar’s death in the series, Selim also left school. The audience did not find this separation very realistic. Some viewers did not find it realistic that Selim, who was chasing even the slightest suspicion at school, left without investigating Bahar’s death.

The scenes where Ekin tries to discourage Emine from committing suicide were watched with excitement. By the way, Kanat’s doing nothing was also the subject of criticism by the audience. Some viewers write in their comments that they have lost their faith in the love of Kanat and October. In the meantime, a thank you message was also published on the official account due to Ege Kökenli’s farewell to the series.

With Bahar’s death, the True College was shaken once again. While the police were looking for the suspect from the camera records, Ozan started to make other plans so that the incident would not happen to them. Including Dağhan in the plans derailed things.

Selim, on the other hand, was devastated by Bahar’s death and chose to stay away from school. With the suspicious death of a teacher, tensions in the school escalated.

Kanat’s anger was giving October a hard time. With the new person coming to the school infiltrating them with his mask, new interrogations began in the love of Ekin and Kanat.

The scene where Emine committed suicide gave the audience a hard time on the screen. While Ekim tried to dissuade her, Emine cried, “Do you think Ekim hurts a lot? She fell staring into my eyes. I couldn’t do anything. I got scared and ran away from there. Maybe if I could help, maybe she wouldn’t have died,” and blamed herself for Bahar’s death.

Emine, whom Ekim tried to talk to, said, “You are very brave. You told me that I’m always with you, actually I came here to talk to you. But I thought it’s too late now,” she said and threw herself down. Emine, who fell to the ground in front of her father, mother and friends, said goodbye to the series with this scene.

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