Artists News Şifanur Gül’s confession, her name has always been a problem for her since her childhood!

Şifanur Gül’s confession, her name has always been a problem for her since her childhood!


Şifanur Gül, who played the character of Esvet in the Terzi (Tailor) series, started to make a name for herself with this project. Acting in front of the camera with Çağatay Ulusoy and Salih Bademci, the actress entered a brand new era in her career with this project, which increased her awareness abroad.

With the first season of the Terzi series broadcast on Netflix, many domestic and foreign TV series fans are currently trying to understand who Şifanur Gül is and are searching for information about her. At this point, Şifanur Gül’s rise to the second place in the IMDb player database seems to be a result of the Terzi series.

Şifanur Gül, who also took the lead role in the TV series Hayatımın Şansı (The Chance of My Life), which started on Fox TV at the beginning of the season, was the guest of actor İbrahim Selim’s program on youtube.

Şifanur Gül, explaining that she was born 8 months old and that it is not known whether she lived during that period and stayed in the hospital for a long time, stated that her mother named Şifa during this process and that her family elders also added the name Nur and named Şifanur.

Explaining that she was constantly teased at school about the name Şifanur, and that the men she met constantly complimented her, saying, “Will you be healed?”

Explaining that she expects more creative words from men, the actress also expressed the problems she experienced during her school period as follows:

“Usually they always said, ‘Will you be healed’. It’s always the same thing, who didn’t make a more creative joke. We couldn’t go beyond that.

But they were constantly making fun of me at school about my name. I never liked my name. I love my name for 2 years. I look at it from the other side.”

The young actress, who is highly admired for her performance in the Terzi series, has not been on the agenda recently with the series aired in the first season. The actress will be on Netflix again on July 28 with the second season of the series. The third season of the Terzi series was also filmed and it has not been announced yet when it will air.