Artists News Simay Barlas renewed its image!

Simay Barlas renewed its image!


Famous actress Simay Barlas is among the most prominent players with the Cruel Istanbul series. She we watch with the character of Damla Karaçay performs successfully on the screen.

Simay Barlas took important steps in her career, which he started with the Broken Pieces series in 2015. Bitter Sweet Life, After the Adı Efsane series, she took place in Cruel Istanbul.

Simay Barlas, who made a name for herself with her first cinema project called Digital Captivity, is now resting at home. The actress quarantined herself for the coronavirus outbreak. She, who shared her home from time to time on social media, renewed her image.

The actress, who we watched with her straight hair in the Cruel Istanbul series, presented her new image with curly hair to her fans. Her followers made comments stating that this image suits the actress very well.