Artists News Merve Boluğur’s decision that surprised the fans!

Merve Boluğur’s decision that surprised the fans!


Merve Boluğur, which reappears on the screen with her old TV series North South, had a break from the sets after the Storm Inside Me series in 2017. The actress has not been involved in any projects for 3 years.

Boluğur is now quarantining herself at home. She, who takes her precautions to protect against coronavirus, is also spoken with her new decision.

Preparing for the university exam, the actress is after to give a new direction to her life. There were different messages from her followers to the player who showed her home status with her sharing from her Instagram account.

Some fans left comments about its beauty and naturalness. Some followers, on the other hand, stated that they were wondering what choices to make in the university exam.