Artists News Sinem Kobal enchanted beauty

Sinem Kobal enchanted beauty


Famous actress Sinem Kobal prefers not to be on the screen for 3 seasons. She, who does not accept the projects that come to her, is now in quarantine at home because of the coronavirus outbreak.

She, who draws attention with her posts from her instagram account from time to time, was not affected by this process since she was someone who has been home for a long time.

The followers liked Sinem Kobal’s assertive sharing today. In addition, Başak Dizer, Ayşe Özyılmazel and Yasemin Özilhan also liked this situation with emojis.

Some followers made compliments for the beauty of their feet. There were some critics of wearing glasses at home.

Sinem Kobal once again admired its followers as fit.