Artists News [Sinem Kobal]’s career is inferior

[Sinem Kobal]’s career is inferior


[Sinem Kobal] latest new ….

Actress, who appeared to be frustrated with every last project she was casting and finally was not going to take part in the ‘Romance Comedy 3’ movie, has already begun to form for the summer.

Actress, who married KenanIirzalıoğlu two years ago, has suffered a serious decline in her career since that day.

After she got married, she made a wall between the magazine press and locked her mouth, a cellulite and skin care center in Etiler the other day.

She, who had already begun preparations for the summer, was reflected in the object after care.

Journalists asked her to “quit the game and enter the fashion business because her career is inferior.”

But she did not speak.