Sinem Ünsal is in a reversed role in the series "Elbet Bir Gün"!
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4 October 2022 20:25


Sinem Ünsal is in a reversed role in the series “Elbet Bir Gün”!

One of the TV series prepared by Fox TV for the new season, Elbet Bir Gün… Sinem Ünsal is in the lead role of the series that continues to be shot. The actress, who impressed the masses with her Nazlı character in the Mucize Doktor series, which lasted for 2 seasons, is preparing to meet her fans with a very different role.

Sinem Ünsal is coming to surprise everyone with her new role in the new TV series of FOX TV, whose project design and direction is undertaken by Gül Oğuz. The actress, who has come to the fore with her beauty as well as her talent, will give life to a character named Gizem Kılıçlı and take a memorable role. .

What kind of character is Gizem Kılıçlı in the series, which continues to shoot in Istanbul and counts the days for the screen? Refreshing the image for “Elbet Bir Gün”, which brings the secret and exciting story of two sisters who escaped from their past to the screen; She will play a married woman who is a law graduate, trained in martial arts.

Sinem Ünsal, who is very excited for her new role, said the following about the preparation process: “You will see a Sinem that you have not seen before. This is one of the aspects of the project that excites me the most.”

Stating that the character Gizem that she plays is as mysterious as her name, she described the role and the story as follows: “First of all, I have to say that she is a woman like her name. She created a gap between her past and her future. Her adaptation to this great difference she created, her efforts to survive, what she did for her loved ones… I can count so many things, I loved Gizem so much… But what I admire most is; being a very strong character.”

Sinem Unsal; She said that in the TV series “Elbet Bir Gün”, the audience will watch two sisters from different worlds have to come together because of their common past.

With its breathtaking story, “Elbet Bir Gün” is on FOX in the new season.

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