Sinem Ünsal, the 'Nazlı' of the 'Mucize Doktor' series, made very special statements to Alem Magazine!..
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26 November 2022 08:56


Sinem Ünsal, the ‘Nazlı’ of the ‘Mucize Doktor’ series, made very special statements to Alem Magazine!..

Sinem Ünsal, who gained a large fan base with her character “Nazlı” in the “Mucize Doktor” series, is preparing to come to the screen with the “Elbet Bir Gün” series to be broadcast on Fox TV in the new season.

The actress, who will star in the series with Şebnem Bozoklu and Burak Yamantürk, became the cover star of this week’s issue of Alem Magazine. Ünsal posed strikingly for the magazine and made very special statements.

Stating that the most distinctive features of her character are concern, discipline and control; “I have an obsessive personality, which I have largely rasped. I have little daily obsessions. Other than that, I don’t have any obsessions that I call indispensable. We work at such an intense pace that whenever I can sleep and wake up and get involved in life, I live like that.”

The beautiful actress also answered questions about love sincerely. Stating that she is like herself in the relationship, Ünsal said, “I am as I was when I was not in a relationship. In my relationships; I take care to keep the boundaries of my own life the same even when the person in front of me is not present. Likewise with the person next to me. We respect each other’s lives, for me it’s the most important thing in a relationship. But apart from that, of course, you are establishing a common world. I certainly do not put the other persons ahead of myself and I do not want to come before them. We are all individuals and we have individual lives. But we also have a sweet, shared world that we have created so beautifully. I’m also talking about my current current relationship. This is what I look for in peaceful, beautiful relationships. I think everyone should pay attention to this first. Let him accept her space, her life, her wishes, and then the other person as they first met him. If there are common points, we move on; Otherwise, no one should strive to change, transform, both for the other person and for themselves. This is what I deduced from my humble observations.” made the statement.

So, what does the beautiful actress do to feel good when her mode drops? Sinem Ünsal says that she is one of those who can’t get out of it very easily when her mood is low, saying, “Because I cover whatever makes me feel low. I try not to do that anymore. Whatever it is that puts my mood down, I’m trying to face it right now. I think, I stay alone, do nothing and focus only on him”.

Sinem Ünsal expressed her dreams for the future as follows.” I am a person who dreams a lot. I live with my dreams. I love this feature of mine and I brag about it in every interview. We have many sweet followers, if I can touch someone’s life, I would love to be inspired here. Everybody dream. Because dreaming is the best motivation seed. They say, ‘He wanted it wholeheartedly, and it came true’; The main reason is that you want it so much that you create motivation and your subconscious prepares the infrastructure without even realizing it. You are striving for your dream. It’s not like the universe is giving it to you. You do it, you try, you work. That’s why I believe so much in the power of imagination.”

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