Something so bad happened in the Hercai
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2 December 2022 05:41


Something so bad happened in the Hercai

Put aside what happened in 51 episodes of Hercai, which has been meeting with the audience on Friday evenings on the ATV screen. In the new episode 52, you will witness such moments that you have never been so fragmented in any scene before.

The series, in which Ebru Şahin and Akın Akınözü starred, continued on its way with its 3rd season, and the great changes in its story made it to very good points in the total group in terms of ratings. In the third season, which started low after the first two seasons, this recovery, thanks to the story, allows the audience to wait for each new episode with a curiosity.

The fans of the series, who heard that Reyyan and Miran would have babies, were very happy. Fans of the series, who could not watch the love of the two characters enough and complained about it, were very hopeful with the opening of the script on the baby.

However, in the 52nd episode, there is a hint that Reyyan may have lost her babies, and it will burn everybody. “One of the babies became an angel” and the statement that only one of the twins lived was included in the 52nd episode trailer. The viewers, on the other hand, wrote in their comments on social media that they felt bad about themselves.

The fact that Reyyan said that she was unwell after the dessert she ate because Hazar sent it, but that Hazar did not do such a thing brought the events to a different dimension. Miran is just going crazy. These words of Miran, who came out of the house saying “He killed my son, he is me”, affected the audience very badly.

Reyyan’s statement as “My child is good, good my child” made Hercai fans a lot sad. It is not yet known whether Reyyan and Miran will experience baby joy. However, the pace of the scenario may have been based on the death of the babies in order to stretch the story further and enable different events to develop.

Episode 52 of the series Hercai will be very heartbreaking. Here is the first trailer of the new episode to be released on Friday, December 18th:

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