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12 August 2022 14:52


Star TV has a series that deserves support from the audience!

Sana Söz series, which started on Tuesday evening last week, deserves to be supported by the audience. The first episode of the series, starring the duo of Nehir Erdoğan and Erkan Petekkaya, achieved ratings below expectations.

In Sana Söz, a detective drama story, the characters of Elif and Ömer solve the murder case with different methods. Ömer is a commissioner and Elif is a program host… One on the field and the other on the screen follows the criminals.

Although the TV series Sana Söz attracts attention with its story that focuses on today’s realities, it is necessary to reveal the fact that the acting performances are also very good.

Star TV did its best to promote the series during the past week. Episodes were broadcast again many times and were broadcast repeatedly at hours that would attract the attention of the audience.

Sana Söz will meet the audience with its second episode on Tuesday, November 9 at 20:00. It is important for the series to find support from the audience for a good project to continue.

Sana Söz deserves support for the continuation of the successful performances of Nehir Erdoğan and Erkan Petekkaya.

You can watch the second trailer of the second episode of the series Sana Söz, which draws attention with its emphasis on legislation, justice and law.

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