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26 May 2022 09:05


Step by step towards a dead end! In Kardeşlerim series, the problem is always the same, the result is always the same!

Kardeşlerim series meets the audience on Saturday evenings on ATV. The series, which sometimes achieves double-digit rates by achieving very good ratings in the category of all people, maintains its position as the second most watched production after Gönül Dağı.

Experienced names; Names such as Celil Nalçakan, Ahu Yağtu, Cüneyt Mete, Fadik Sevin Atasoy and Simge Selçuk give life to important characters in the story. Besides these experienced players, there are young players who have accumulated experience.

Young actors such as Yiğit Koçak, Su Burcu Yazgı Coşkun, Onur Seyit Yaran, Cihan Şimşek, Gözde Türker, Lizge Cömert, Recep Usta, Melis Minkari, Berk Ali Çatal have also had the opportunity to showcase their talents thanks to the series.

Kardeşlerim series, which brings together experienced names and young actors, is a hard drama production. Kardeşlerim, who hurt everyone deeply with their effective scenes, also reveals how difficult it is to be without a mother and father.

The series both emphasizes hopelessness and acts on the fact that there is always hope. However, the events and loops in the series never change. Some characters never get out of trouble, and in the series where love comes to the fore from time to time, separations never end.

The constant repetition of these situations and the dragging of the story towards a dead end started to worry the audience. You can watch the 41st new episode of the series, which has had 40 episodes so far, on the evening of February 26.

The progress of the series with constant problems and successive similar situations started to bore the audience. Many series fans started to complain about this situation. The fans of the series, who leave a message saying, “I’m bored, let good things happen now, we are always in trouble” are uncomfortable with the fact that the story continues in the same cycle.

Fans of the series, Kardeşlerim, who want scenes without an accident, without a hospital scene, without a fight and where troubles remain in the background, share comments stating that they will be happy even if even a single episode is different.

The scenario group of Kardeşlerim series is definitely following these criticisms. Let’s see if we can see happier and more hopeful scenes in the series.

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