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6 July 2022 07:49


Strange move from the Unfaithful audience to Caner Cindoruk!

Caner Cindoruk, who is now on the screen with the character of Volkan in the TV series Unfaithful, shared an incident that he experienced in the days when the series was first aired. Volkan, a character who enraged everyone in Unfaithful, which was broadcast on Kanal D screens, also cooled the audience with his actions, but of course the issue has nothing to do with Caner Cindoruk!

After all, he is an actor and he is also appreciated for his successful performance. But like the actor who played every ‘villain’ character, interesting events started to happen to him. He has a story of how he lived on the street, except for his fans, especially on social media, which is truly amazing!

Those who follow the series know how an infuriating character Volkan is. Volkan, who cheated on his wife, married the woman he cheated on and had children, went after his ex-wife again, deceived everyone with various tricks, swore a lot from the audience.

While some viewers count on the character on social media, it naturally keeps Caner Cindoruk out of the situation. However, some create a strange situation by identifying with the character.

Caner Cindoruk talked about an incident that happened to him in an interview broadcast on Yotubue channel called Magazine Gel. The actress, who told the story she had with Melis Sezen from the caravan on the set, also laughed, but the incident was actually a bit strange!

Cindoruk gave the following answer to a question about the drama asking feedbacks: “I started getting reactions on the street. After the first episode, I’m sitting in the car, watching outside, next to it. We met with a woman, she was driving the car, she looked at me, I smiled, she did “all” (trying to explain that she was spitting) that day I realized that they will spit very much with this role. ”

The words of Melis Sezen, who laughed with laughter about this incident that Caner Cindoruk experienced, were also quite meaningful! The actress also made him laugh with her words, “It is to your advantage that we are in the pandemic period.”

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