Series News Surprised by Elif series to YıldızAsyalı!

Surprised by Elif series to YıldızAsyalı!


On the Channel 7 screens, there was a birthday celebration on the set of the daily series ‘Elif’ that met with the audience.

YıldızAsyalı, who took part in the Elif series, celebrated her birthday with her friends on sette.

The hard-working actress of the season finale has had emotional moments with surprises of her friends.

Cutting off her cake, actress said, “If you choose this job, you have to be self – sacrificing. We will sign a great success with this fellow “.

Since the series is also broadcasted in different countries around the world, players have the opportunity to show themselves in many countries …

Elif number of players not only in Turkey, the world also have a significant number of fans in various parts of …

She, in her interviews, was very pleased with this situation …