Surprising confession from the famous actress Hazal Kaya; I'm committing suicide by eating!
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2 December 2022 05:53


Surprising confession from the famous actress Hazal Kaya; I’m committing suicide by eating!

Famous actress Hazal Kaya was the first guest of the new season of her co-star Meriç Aral and Efe Tunçer’s podcast series ‘Teras Noir’, which started on Zorlu PSM YouTube channel.

Hazal Kaya talked about the unknown about her private life in the program where moments of laughter were experienced with the episodes of “Amel Defteri” and “Instagram Sorgusu”. Kaya, who is happily married to actor Ali Atay, said that she became friends with the set photographers of the TV series she worked for so that she could get pictures of her husband.

“There are so few photographs of Ali,” said Hazal Kaya, “I deal with set photographers. I want them to say, ‘Do you have a beautiful photo of Ali, send it to me'”.

Talking about the food photos she shared on social media, the beautiful actress said, “I’m from Antep and I love to eat.” Hazal Kaya explains her passion for food, “I want to eat the oily and pasty of the food. I have diabetes, but I commit suicide every now and then,” she said.

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