Benim Adım Melek series is over, the players have been swept away by the ambitious series!
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27 November 2022 15:35


Benim Adım Melek series is over, the players have been swept away by the ambitious series!

Benim Adım Melek series appeared on TRT1 for two seasons. Very important names took place in the team of the series, which was shot in Gaziantep. The drama story of the series, which also impresses with its acting performances, impressed a wide audience.

After the series finale, the names in the cast made agreements with new series one by one. One of these names is Nehir Erdoğan, who plays the leading role. After the success of creating a strong character, the actress made a deal for the Star TV series named Suçlu. Nehir Erdoğan will take the lead role with Erkan Petekkaya in the series, which will come to the fore as a detective drama in the new season.

Kaan Çakır successfully portrayed the villain character of Benim Adım Melek. The actor, who left a mark on the minds as Alpay, agreed with the Star TV series for the new season. Kaan Çakır, who will return to the screen with a very different character, is reaping the fruits of his success with the production called “Kaderimin Oyunu”.

The master actor Mehmet Çevik, whom we watched as Seyit Ali in the series, produced very successful scenes. The actor took part in the TV series “İkimizin Sırrı”, which was broadcast on ATV in the summer.

Ulvi Kayhaoğlu, whom we watched with the character of Kerem, also gave a very good performance in her first series. The actor took a successful step by joining the team of the TV series Elbet Bir Gün, which will be broadcast on Fox TV in the new season.

Zeyno Eracar, who made a strong impression with the character of Zümrüt in the TV series Benim Adım Melek, set her course as Kanal D. You can watch the famous actress with the character of Gül in the popular TV series, Yargı, which was broadcast on Sunday evenings.

Rabia Soytürk, whom we watched with the character of Defne in the series, was also one of the prominent young talents. The actress signed with the TRT1 series Alparslan for the new season. Rabia Soytürk came to a role in which she could leave a great mark in her career.

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