Surprising statement from Nejat İşler, star of "Saygı"; ‘I want to get into trouble!
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4 December 2022 05:29


Surprising statement from Nejat İşler, star of “Saygı”; ‘I want to get into trouble!

Famous actor Nejat İşler, who appeared in front of his fans with the second season of the TV series “Saygı”, which is currently broadcast on Blu TV, was the guest of Caner Özyurtlu in the YouTube program “Light Chat”.

The famous actor made striking statements in the program. Works; He answered the question, “Are you financially secure?”: “Yes, if I work. I have two nephews. I want to leave something to them in case anything goes wrong. That’s why I work a little. I live somehow. Because I don’t have the luxury. I go on a trip abroad from time to time, that’s all.”

The actor, who lived in Bodrum for a long time, also announced that he closed his house there and settled in a hotel in Istanbul. “My stuff is in boxes at your friend’s house. That’s not much either, two chests. I didn’t get many items. Nejat İşler explained that this is not lacking, on the contrary, it makes me feel free; “It was interesting that I made this decision. My old job is a custodian job; It was a book, a record, an object. My house was like a warehouse. I got rid of it. I didn’t do it by design. I slowly started to shrink. Everything finally fits in a backpack. If I need anything, I’ll go and get it, what will happen?” said.

Nejat İşler gave an interesting answer to the question of how he views the idea of ​​directing. Works; “Everything has its time. I never felt that it was time to direct. Now I say ‘maybe’. I am no longer interested in the words written in the script. I also have a lot of ideas about scenes where I’m not. For example, I have an idea about the production. He wants to get involved in a lot of things, my dear. I want to get into trouble, let me put it that way,” he said.

The famous actor will soon be on the set for a new movie. Acting in the leading role in the movie “İyi Adamın 10 Günü”, adapted from Mehmet Eroğlu’s book of the same name, İşler will portray the character named “Lawyer Sadık”. Uluç Bayraktar is the director of the movie.

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