Talented actress Demet Evgar warmed up to singing!
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5 October 2022 19:09


Talented actress Demet Evgar warmed up to singing!

We watched the talented actress Demet Evgar, who made a name for herself with her acting performance in every production she took part in, with the character of ‘Cemre’ in the ‘Alev Alev’ series broadcast on Show TV.

The famous actress made a name for herself with her work in the field of music after the series. Demet Evgar became a TT on social media with her duet with Musician Can Bonomo in the past months. The duo, who sang Can Nonomo’s song “Rüyamda Buluttum” together, also shot a funny clip for the song.

Known for her acting career, Demet Evgar was also appreciated for her musical talent after this experience. In her statement, the actress expressed her happiness in singing with the following words; “We added an unforgettable memory to our old friendship when my dear friend Can invited me to her fairy-tale, poetic world.”

The last Instagram post shows that the actress is warming up to singing. Demet Evgar will take the stage with Tulug Tirpan at Galataport today as part of Power Türk’s new year events, Christmas Market Istanbul.

The famous actress also shared a video from the rehearsals with her followers on her Instagram account. Demet Evgar received praise from her fans for her singing talent as well as her acting talent.

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