Tamer Karadağlı spoke heavily for his old series
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1 December 2022 13:10


Tamer Karadağlı spoke heavily for his old series

40, with the presentation of the successful presenter Jülide Ateş, produced by BBO Productions, continues to appear on Haber Global screens every Thursday. The last guest of the program was Tamer Karadağlı. Tamer Karadağlı, who explained that the series Children Do Not Hear in the past months have expired and will not appear if it will be filmed again, made important confessions after the intervening time.

Saying that he does not have time to watch TV series for 3 hours, the actor also drew attention to the long duration of Children Do Not Hear. Reminding that they shot a 172-minute series, the famous actor also admitted that the series started to be shot badly after such a long time.

Tamer Karadağlı, who answered Jülide Ateş’s question sincerely, made a bad reference to all the series on the screen. Here is Jülide Ateş’s question and Tamer Karadağlı’s statement:

Jülide Ateş: “I don’t watch TV series, I don’t have time to spend 120 minutes watching TV series, moreover you said that I am filling my head with garbage information. Everything captured in Turkey takes about 2 and a half hours’ve also both bad. You have also inferred that it is a great danger for this young generation. So I looked at Children Do Not Hear, 120 minutes, a similar amount of time! I wonder why did you criticize other series from the same margin? Are other dramas you’re not in badly? ”

Tamer Karadağlı: “No! There is no such thing! This is also true for Children Do Not Hear! The series is not 120 minutes, we shot 172 minutes in the last time! It is not possible for a sit-com to be 172 minutes, it is 20-22 minutes in the world. If you post this that long, you start to spoil all the basics of the show. Valid for all series; No TV series for 180 minutes!

There are no TV series anywhere in the world at this time. TV series on Netflix can be watched for 50 minutes, so when you do a good job, it can be watched for 50 minutes. Why then do we make a 180 minute drama? The thread in the series is spreading, you start breaking, you start shooting a bad series to shoot so long in 1 week. We cannot give a healthy message that is valid in our TV series. Yes I’m not watching! I can’t watch TV series for 3 hours! The drama I am playing is very good, the others are very bad, I wouldn’t say something like that “

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