Artists News Tamer Karadağlı gave good news to his fans for his new project

Tamer Karadağlı gave good news to his fans for his new project


Famous actor Tamer Karadağlı took his place on the screen for many years with the TV series Çocuklar Duymasın (meaning: Children Do Not Hear). The master actor, who is remembered as the man of Taşfırın, Haluk, has not been involved in a different project recently.

Tamer Karadağlı gave the good news of a new project with his Instagram account. The actor posted the photo below with the note “Coming” and received great attention from his followers. Many people wondered what kind of project the actor would return to the screen. There have been many comments about this on social media.

Tamer Karadağlı spoke about his new project for the first time at the event he attended. The actor said, “Yes, there are a lot of comments. Not what they thought. We are in preparation for a new project, hopefully for the new publication period. We hope everything goes well and meets everyone’s expectations.”

The master actor stated that he will return to the screen with a beautiful character and said, “He will be a character that I will play with great pleasure.”

The famous actor, who was born in Ankara in 1967, took part in the project named Çocuklar Duymasın series between 2002 and 2019. Although it took a break from time to time in this process, the very popular series managed to stay on the screen for a total of 9 seasons and 464 episodes. Tamer Karadağlı took part in the fifth season of the Savaşçı (meaning: Warrior) series as a guest actor last season.

Explaining that the last 2 years have been bad for him like everyone else, the actor wished that everything would normalize as soon as possible.