Artists News New project surprise from Tamer Karadağlı!

New project surprise from Tamer Karadağlı!


Famous actor Tamer Karadağlı joined the Savaşçı series project in the 5th season. After the departure of Berk Oktay and Gaye Turgut Evin, the new season of Savaşçı, which started shooting in January with a renewed cast, started to come to the screen in April. However, the 5th season of the series only lasted 10 episodes.

Tamer Karadağlı participated in the story as the savior of the fifth season of the series, but he only stipulated to be in 6 episodes. The actor’s role as Göktürk Colonel also lasted for 6 episodes, but the series ended in June with its 109th episode.

Since Tamer Karadağlı has been in the minds for many years as the Haluk of the Çocuklar Duymasın series, many viewers are looking forward to his new roles even more. The famous actor starred in the digital series Andropoz after leaving the Savaşçı. Now a new project has come to the fore.

Explaining that he was very upset because of the forest fires, the actor said, “Our hearts are bleeding.” Stating that he is making a new project, the actor gave good news to his fans.

Karadağlı said, “We have new projects, let’s explain when the time comes.”

Explaining that the projects need to be shaped, Tamer Karadağlı emphasized that the necessary explanations will be made soon, but did not want to give details.