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13 August 2022 03:15


Tansel Öngel, the romantic Naci of Masumlar Apartmanı, chose his new project!

Naci was one of the unforgettable characters of Masumlar Apartmanı (Innocent Apartment), one of the unforgettable productions of the Turkish TV series world. The performance of Tansel Öngel, who plays Naci, a very romantic and subtle character, made the talented actress draw all the attention. The successful actress decided on her new project after the Masumlar Apartmanı came to an end.

Famous actress Tansel Öngel was one of the names who later joined the TV series project named Innocent Apartments. The actor who played the character of Naci actually made a 13-episode deal and was included in the story as a guest. However, the character of Naci was loved by the audience so much that it was decided to extend the role of the character.

The biggest reason why the character was so successful was undoubtedly Tansel Öngel’s talent in acting. Although the actor with a theater background took part in many unforgettable TV series such as the Muhteşem Yüzyıl (Magnificent Century), Geniş Aile (Expanded Family), Elveda Derken (Saying Goodbye), and Avrupa Yakası (European Side), he managed to attract all the attention with his role in the Masumlar Apartmanı.

Tansel Öngel determined his new project very soon after the series of Masumlar Apartmanı ended. The successful actor will take a role in the TV series Yeni Istanbul (New Istanbul), which will be shot by O3 Media. The Yeni Istanbul series, which will be broadcast on Show TV, will be the Turkish adaptation of the US-made New Amsterdam.

The successful actor had recently signaled that he was preparing for a new project while answering journalists’ questions. Tansel Öngel said in a statement, “There are preparations for new works. We will have good news soon. I’m working, it’s busy. There’s something on TV. Its meeting continues to be intense,” he said.

New Amsterdam is a hospital drama that aired on NBC in 2018 and then aired on Netflix. A smart guy on the show, Dr. Max Goodwin is appointed as the chief physician of the oldest public hospital in the USA. Not taking no for an answer, Goodwin is ready to tear down the bureaucracy to make the hospital good. Doctors and hospital staff hardly think that these words they have heard before will come true.

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