Artists News Tarık Emir Tekin is breaking new ground in his acting journey!

Tarık Emir Tekin is breaking new ground in his acting journey!


Young actor Tarık Emir Tekin made a big debut with his role in the TV series “Sadakatsiz” (Unfaithful). The successful actor, who will be in the lead role of the TV series Zengin Kız (Rich Girl) in the upcoming winter season, broke new ground.

Tarık Emir Tekin, just 25 years old, is the son of famous Beşiktaş football player Metin Tekin and Şevval Sam, one of Turkey’s most successful musicians and actors. Tarık Emir Tekin, who received his education abroad and studied acting at The Oxford School of Drama in England, took steps towards acting when he returned to Turkey.

Tarık Emir Tekin, who appeared in the series named Çıplak (Nude) as well as in the series called Rise of Empires Ottoman, made his real debut with Sadakatsiz after these experiences. Tarık Emir Tekin, who appeared as one of the side roles in “Sadakatsiz”, which was screened on Kanal D and influenced Turkey, gave such a successful performance that he succeeded in making his character one of the most important in the series.

Thanks to this success, Tarık Emir Tekin took the lead role in his next series. The successful actor will share the lead role with Alina Boz in the TV series Zengin Kız, which will start broadcasting on Fox TV in September.

Meanwhile, Tarık Emir Tekin broke new ground. The young actor became the first male actor to be awarded in the Shining Star Awards category at the Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards. With this success, Tarık Emir Tekin managed to make his name mentioned once again.

Tarık Emir Tekin successfully reflected the transformation of the psychopathic Selçuk character in the story in the TV series Sadakatsiz. When the successful actor put forward a performance that exceeded expectations, he became one of the young names that were followed more carefully by the producers.