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5 July 2022 16:27


The 14-year dream of master director Çağan Irmak has come true!..

The shooting of the “Yaratılan” series, which will be broadcast on Netflix, for which master director Çağan Irmak both wrote and directed the story, has started.

The famous director recently shot the TV series Yeşilçam, which attracted great attention and lasted for 2 seasons on BluTV. The new series of Çağan Irmak, whose every project is exciting and eagerly awaited, has an extraordinary story and a very strong cast.

The project, on which the director Çağan Irmak worked meticulously, turned out to be a 14-year dream of the famous director. Çağan Irmak, who shared a photo from the set of the TV series Yaratılan, dropped the note “Life gives you moments when you have to bite it to believe that a dream you had 14 years ago is coming true”.

The team, which came together for the shootings, engaged in intense work in Istanbul and then in Bursa. Şifanur Gül accompanies the actress in the series in which Taner Ölmez plays the leading role. There is also an important name such as Erkan Kolçak Köstendil, who gained great popularity with the Çukur series, in the cast.

You will also be able to watch master actors such as Devrim Yakut, Durul Bazan, Bülent Şakrak, Engin Benli and Macit Koper with their impressive performances in this series. The shooting of the 8-episode series will be carried out with great care. The crew is expected to stay on set until mid-April.

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