Series News The Adım Farah series will end at its most exciting place, and the audience will be stunned for months!

The Adım Farah series will end at its most exciting place, and the audience will be stunned for months!


There were positive news about whether there would be a second season in the TV series “Adım Farah” (My name is Farah). According to the allegations in the press, the series will complete the first season with its 14th episode, and it is aimed to stay on the screen for at least 26 episodes in the first planning that appears. Although the ratings of the series are below expectations, it is at a level that can continue.

The synergy of Engin Akyürek and Demet Özdemir took hold. The action-packed story of the series is progressing very well. In addition, as some truths emerge in the story, the interest of the audience for the next episodes has the potential to increase.

Another important development is the tremendous explosion in the interest of foreign TV series fans, whose first signs we see on social media. It is expected that the overseas sales of the “Adım Farah” TV series will be very good as a result of this interest.

In such an environment, step by step towards completing the first season, the 13th new episode of “Adım Farah” will meet with the audience on Wednesday, May 24. Farah will explain to Tahir the truth about his parents.

Farah’s words describe how things will change: “You don’t owe them, they owe you, you need to know that. Those thugs who killed your mother and father. Both are guilty. The woman you put in your mother’s place is the murderer of your real mother.”

Tahir Lekesiz’s learning of this truth towards the first season finale and the fact that he will go after the murderers of his family will be one of the main stories of the second season of the series.
The story of the series, which is expected to complete the season at the most striking point, will have to wait with curiosity for millions of viewers for months.

Of course, in the summer, which will last 3 months before the second season, fans of the Adım Farah series will also encounter new developments. It is also expected that new additions to the script and making agreements with new actors for new characters are made in the summer period.

With its fast-paced story and thrilling the audience, the “Adım Farah” series made one of the most successful debuts of this season. With both the quality of the acting performances and the fluent progression of the script, it will be possible to stay on the screen for an even longer period if the series gets much better results next season.