The audience saw Alina Boz's Russian speech for the first time in the TV series Bir Peri Masalı!
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29 November 2022 09:41


The audience saw Alina Boz’s Russian speech for the first time in the TV series Bir Peri Masalı!

Alina Boz, born in Moscow in 1998, is the child of a Bulgarian immigrant father and a Russian mother. Alina Boz, a graduate of Kadir Has University Theater Department, lived in Moscow until she was 7 years old. After moving to Istanbul with her family,

Boz started taking acting lessons at Kadıköy Barış Manço Cultural Center during her primary school years. Alina Boz, who is also a graduate of Private Gökjet Aviation High School Cabin Services, turned her route to acting after high school.

Discovered by acting in commercials, Alina Boz first appeared on the screen with the character of Canan in the Cesur Hemşire series in 2013. She made her real debut with the character of Hazal in the TV series Paramparça (Shattered), which was published in 2014. Afterwards, the actress starred in the TV series Sevda’nın Bahçesi, Vatanım, Sensin, Elimi Bırakma, Maraşlı, and was also appreciated for her role in Netflix’s Aşk 101 series.

Alina Boz, who is currently playing the lead role with Tarık Emir Tekin in Fox TV’s Bir Peri Masalı (A Fairy Tale) series, was admired for her Zeynep character.

The actress spoke Russian in some scenes in the 8th episode of the show, which aired on Wednesday evenings. While watching Alina Boz speak Russian for the first time, they were surprised by these surprise scenes, and they also shared about these scenes on social media.

As per the story, Zeynep, who went to Belarus with Onur, speaks Russian with the employees at the hotel they go to. How Zeynep speaks Russian is also summarized in a short sentence!

Zeynep was surprised by Onur’s Russian speech and said, “There was always an employee who spoke Russian in the places I worked. I also have a tendency to languages, so I learned some English and some Russian.”

Here is one of the scenes where Alina Boz speaks Russian…

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