Artists News The background of Merve Oflaz’s separation appeared in Arka Sokaklar!

The background of Merve Oflaz’s separation appeared in Arka Sokaklar!

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The famous actress Merve Oflaz continues her career with the TV series after receiving the attention of the masses in the Survivor competition.

Merve Oflaz, who last spent 4 seasons in the detective series Arka Sokaklar, had a strong comeback to the screen with the character of Bahar inspector. The famous actress, who took vacations in Bodrum and Çeşme during the summer, also made statements about why she left the Arka Sokaklar series.

Merve Oflaz, who decided to leave after the 15th season with Yüsra Geyik, Onur Bay and Alp Korkmaz, said the following about why she took this decision:

“I left Arka Sokaklar. Now I’m going to rest my head, spend some time at home and rest with my animals. I’ve been working hard for 4 years. It was a very enjoyable job. We parted very well. We don’t have any problems. I just wanted to see what I could do on my own.”

The background of Merve Oflaz's separation appeared in Arka Sokaklar! 7

With this statement, Merve Oflaz revealed that she wanted to leave the Arka Sokaklar series. Explaining that she is on the set 6 days a week and that this tempo makes her tired, the actress will evaluate the offers after resting a little more.

Oflaz, who turned out to be very tired in the 4-year period and therefore decided to leave, will also evaluate the upcoming projects for the new term.

Indicating that she could take a role in the cinema as well as the series, she also stated that she received an offer to work with Şevket Çoruh in the theater.

Merve Oflaz, who stated that she could not do anything else because they worked at an intense pace in the Arka Sokaklar series, stated that she left the series because she was tired of this intensity.