The beauty detail applied by Demet Özdemir!
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30 March 2023 12:01


The beauty detail applied by Demet Özdemir!

It has always been humid how famous actors protect their beauty, and what they care about when doing skin care. The beauty secrets of the actors are often reported in the magazine press. Women readers also take a share from these secrets. The beauty secrets of Demet Özdemir are also very curious.

In fact, the most important secret of the famous actress is that she does not wear much makeup. The actress, who does little makeup in her daily life, is always avoiding excessive makeup in her daily life as she is exposed to intense makeup while reviving her role in the set.

Answering questions about how she preserved her beauty during the chat meeting she attended on Instagram, Demet Özdemir cleans her skin with rose water as everyone knows and many people apply. Shealso tried the Turkish coffee mask she learned from her mother and felt well.

The famous actress revealed the following details about her care secrets.

“I’m not wearing too much makeup. It reduces the fatigue of the skin. Because I was very exposed on the set. I usually clean my skin with rose water. There is a Turkish coffee mask that I know from the internet and from my mother and sister. I try it too. I felt very good. But I cannot say that I am doing this maintenance every week. But the only thing I care about is not sleeping with makeup. To clean my skin well with rose water. I’m not wearing too much makeup anyway. Quarantine is considered to have never been makeup. ”

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