The big day is approaching for Fox TV's most ambitious series in the new season!
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30 September 2022 10:10


The big day is approaching for Fox TV’s most ambitious series in the new season!

The production, which seems to be the most ambitious among the 11 series prepared for Fox TV this season, Kanunsuz Topraklar… Uğur Güneş and Esra Bilgiç met in the lead roles in the period series bearing the signature of Gold Film. For a long time, preparations were made for the drama, which will feature drama-filled stories in the coal mines in Zonguldak, the struggle for rights between the boss and the worker, and a great deal of love.

After the shooting that started 3 months ago in Zonguldak, the team made an intense effort to create the Turkey of 1939. The drama is expected to attract a lot of attention with its atmosphere, accessories and clothes.

The biggest expectation for Fox TV, which will feature 11 series on its screen this season, is Kanunsuz Topraklar… The series, which will participate in the Wednesday competition, will be broadcast on the evening of September 29 at 20.00. Kanunsuz Topraklar, which will compete with Sadakatsız and Kurum Osman TV series, is also expected to change the rating balance.

Here is the detail of what will happen in the first episode of the series: 1939, Zonguldak. Working as a miner in one of the coal mines of the city with his father and siblings, Davut leads a modest life with his mother and 6-year-old younger brother.

One morning when they took over the day shift, 9 people lost their lives in a dent in the mine where they worked. Among them is David’s father. Malik Bey, who is the owner of the mine, is responsible for the dead. Because despite all the warnings of David, he did not take any precautions.

When Malik Bey, who lives a rich life with his daughters Gülfem, Behice and Fikriye, gets rid of the accusations easily, Davut decides to bring justice himself and takes action.

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