The Black Money Love tv series did a great job!
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4 October 2022 11:53


The Black Money Love tv series did a great job!

An era was famous Latin American TV series in Turkey … it has made big bang, many Latin-screen series was published.

Latin sequences, which we admired for a while, left their place to native productions. Indian series craze is now engulfed in Turkey …

So how about the situation abroad?

It seems that the Turkish series is not only seen in the Arabian and Balkan lands, but also in countries like Latin America thousands of kilometers away.

after the United States, the country that exported the most number of Turkey, thanks to the series make a great ad …

EnginAkyürek madness in Latin America is also a summary of these people …

Fame beyond the borders of Turkey EnginAkyürek, storms in South America continues to blow.

Not to see the great synergy created by the Black Money Love tv series, which was published in 2014 and lasted for two seasons …

EnginAkyürek and TubaBüyüküstün’s shared the tv series, which is published in the country of publication is a great success.

In the Latin American countries, the series, which continues to break the records in particular, shows the love of Turkish players in different ways.

At this time, interest in the Turkish series of actors in Argentina, Chile, Peru and other countries is growing exponentially.

EnginAkyürek did not remain indifferent to the great interest shown to him in this region.

Not breaking the invitation of Latin Americans Akyürek will meet in Peru on August 9, and on August 16 in Chile and Argentina.

It is also among the information that there is great excitement among the fans in the three countries after this news spread.

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