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5 July 2022 16:53


The cast of the new series, which is expected to be legendary, is dazzling!

It is not easy to get a rating in the new season.. Meticulous studies are carried out for many TV series. One of these productions is Destan, which will be broadcast on the ATV screen.

Bozdag Film, which has signed important historical projects such as Diriliş Ertuğrul, Kuruluş Osman and Steppe Lion Celaleddin, will take another step. With its strong cast, impressive atmosphere and costumes, accessories and decors reflecting that period, Bozdağ Film has become the master of this business.

The works of the series called Destan, which will bring an epic love set in the 8th century to the screen, are carried out meticulously. The story of the Destan series, which has an impressive director who has proven himself like Emir Khalilzadeh; Nehir Erdem and Ayşe Ferda Eryılmaz write…

Destan series is one of the most impressive projects of ATV in the new season. Every day, new names are joining the cast of the series, which the channel attaches great importance to.

Both the prominent young names of the new era and experienced actors came together for the series Destan. The series, in which we will watch the love story of Akkız and Batuga characters, will take the audience to the period before the Turks accepted Islam.

Ebru Şahin was the name of the first agreement for the series. After the female lead, Edip Tepeli was chosen as the male lead.

Very experienced names such as Selim Bayraktar, İpek Karapınar and Teoman Kubaracıbaşı were included in the staff. Prominent young actors of recent years such as Deniz Barut, Buse Meral, Elif Doğan and Burak Tozkoparan were also included in the squad.

Destan series attracts a lot of attention due to its cast, story and being a Bozdağ Film production. The shooting of the series will begin in September. Probably the first episode will be published in October.

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