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16 May 2022 17:57


The change in Damlasu İkizoğlu is incredible! Those who saw it in the father series were surprised!

Damlasu İkizoğlu, shining with Kardeşlerim, stunned everyone with her new image! The young actress Damlasu İkizoğlu, who was born in Istanbul in 1998, started a new and very important TV series. The actress, who returned to the screens with the first episode of the TV show Baba, plays the character named Kübra Saruhanlı.

Damlasu İkizoğlu, who we watched as Buse in the Star TV series called Babil and left a good impression on the screen, made her real debut with the ATV series called Kardeşlerim. Playing the character of Melisa Atakul, the actress was very successful in her role.

Partnering with Halit Özgür Sarı, the young actor made significant gains in the TV series Kardeşlerim, which also includes experienced names. Damla Su İkizoğlu, who has increased her experience and gained a good popularity on the way to acting, also takes part in the Baba series with an influential character. The actress, who also attracted attention with her different image in the first episode of Show TV, which attracted attention, surprised her fans.

The young actress, who changed her hair color and dyed it black, attracted the attention of her fans with her short hair cut in order to look different in her new role. With this new image, the actress’ performance in emotion transitions, which makes his face appear more, is also eagerly awaited by his fans.

Kübra Saruhanlı character is the daughter of Servet and Münevver. Kübra, who likes to be in the foreground rather than being invisible like her mother, is a young girl who loves her father very much but also reacts to her mother… Fans who want Damlasu İkizoğlu to be successful in the character of Kübra, whose role model is her father’s new wife Şahika, are eagerly awaiting new episodes.

It was also a good choice for Damla Su İkizoğlu to take part in a series that was expected to be very influential like Baba after Kardeşlerim.

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