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20 May 2022 16:08


A surprise ending post from Nesrin Cavadzade, Bahar of Üç Kuruş!..

Nesrin Cavadzade, who gave life to the character of “Bahar” in Show TV’s Üç Kuruş series, continues at full speed with her colleague Gökhan Alkan.

Gökhan Alkan, who won acclaim for his character “Ferit” in ATV’s Kalp Yarası series, is in Antakya for the series shooting. Nesrin Cavadzade continues to shoot TV series in Istanbul.

The duo, who has been in a temporary separation due to their business life, from time to time make their longing with their fans with their social media posts. Nesrin Cavadzade posted her poses with her lover on her Instagram page.

The actress dropped the ‘Surprise ending’ note for her poses with Gökhan Alkan. Gökhan Alkan’s response to his lover’s share was not delayed, and the handsome actor drew attention with his comment that he wrote “It is you” and put a heart emoji.

The fans, who like the couple very much, are waiting for the wedding date with excitement. The famous couple got engaged in August last year. The handsome actor Gökhan Alkan, who booked a hotel in Datça, gathered his and his girlfriend’s family here. Gökhan Alkan, who made a romantic proposal to his lover Nesrin Cavadzade, received the answer “Yes”.

Although there are news of separation about them from time to time, the relationship of the couple continues at full speed. Fans of the duo, who met on the set of Yasak Elma TV series and started to fall in love, are very close to each other. Many comments were made on Nesrin Cavadzade’s post by her followers, such as “May Allah not let the evil eye be touched”.

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