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3 July 2022 19:51


The change in İbrahim Çelikkol made excited Demet Özdemir

Famous actor İbrahim Çelikkol shows a great success together with Demet Özdemir in the TV series My Home My Destiny… The story of the series has deepened. Çelikkol has been criticized after criticism by the audience in recent weeks with the character of Mehdi who does not care about his wife’s feelings and decisions.

Zeynep, on the other hand, is appreciated by the audience for her defense of women’s rights and her decision to divorce the Mehdi, whom she feels she does not value, and her determination to continue her life on her own.

Two famous names who became very good friends thanks to the My Home My Destiny. From time to time, he also interacts on social media. Sometimes the duo share their selfies together and sometimes leave comments on each other’s posts.

The sharing of İbrahim Çelikkol, who reveals his charisma with his glasses, beard and black clothes and also draws attention with his short hair, excited his partner Demet Özdemir most of all.

Özdemir could not pass this post without comment. Thanks to the player’s comment, the interaction of the sharing has increased even more.

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