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Who is Kaan Yıldırım? Height – Age – Series – Family

Kaan Yıldırım was born on December 24, 1986 in Istanbul. Turkish TV series and movie actor.

Name: Kaan Yıldırım
Date of Birth: December 24, 1986
Place of Birth: İstanbul
Height: 1.80 m.
Weight: 70 kg
Horoscope: Capricorn
Eye color brown
Mother: Seyhan Yıldırım
Father: Hakan Yildirim
Pets: He has a dog.

Family: He always sees himself lucky in family matters. He has a family with whom he communicates like friends. “They stand by me in every decision. Whatever one wants to experience, one should experience it. It seems very primitive for a person to say “no, you cannot do” something that he wants to do even if he is his own child. Moreover, every young person who wants to deal with art should be supported. Everyone should choose their own path in this life. ”

Education: Graduated from London Brunel University, Department of Marketing. He studied acting at the Başkent Communication Sciences Academy.

How did the acting adventure begin? He always had the desire to be an actor. He studied marketing but was not happy while working in another industry. “So I started studying acting. When I felt ready, I got into auditions for various projects. This process started with the “Secrets” series.

First step into acting: He started his television adventure by reviving the character of ‘Kadir’ in ‘Secrets’.

With which project did it shine? He drew attention with his “Individual” character in the “Ulan Istanbul” series.

Personality traits: Stubborn, hard-hitting, relaxed, modest, sympathetic, warm-blooded.

Social: His favorite action is to see new places and travel countries. Apart from that, he is also interested in many fields of sports, and definitely does sports in his spare time.

Mindset: He generally likes to live simply. He prefers shabby places to chunky places. “If you live with your loved ones in a healthy way, if you don’t need someone else, you don’t have to pay your debt or you are rich in this era in my opinion. I love luxury at the right time and place as much as anyone else, but I have no weaknesses. Less money and more money are also a danger to people. Both can make mistakes. The best is always the middle decision. ”

First feature film: Aytaç Ağırlar / Bölük

The definition of love: “Love is a difficult thing to define. It depends on everyone. But the friendship, trust and eternal love in love are very important. These are what make people human. Mutually, when the relationship is managed correctly, love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. ”

Does he look favorably on remarriage? Since he wants to have children in the future, he does not look away from the idea of ​​re-marriage.

His view of life: He believes that everything he does in life, all the situations he lives and experiences, the people he meets and the works he does transform him. “We move forward by learning something, changing if we are open. Each job taught me something different. We always want happiness in life. In my opinion, the things that make you unhappy most of the time in everything we do teach you more. ”

His view of business life: He has learned a lot from working with master actors in projects he has been involved in. “Our work is a bit like football, we play a team game. Our job becomes easier when there is a master player in the team. Good thing they do exist. The most exciting thing about bringing a character to life is that I experience hundreds of events that I may never have in real life thanks to those characters. I discover many things about humanity. This journey is very enjoyable in itself. ”

Career plan: He does not think that acting is a profession to be done with goals and ambitions. He wants to give life to the characters he enjoys and to be happy in the projects I am involved in. Apart from that, he plans to live whatever life brings. He also plans to direct in the future.

Concerns: He thinks that the world is fair, but man is extremely unfair. “There are many reasons to be angry. We are a community that has been fighting for thousands of years to disrupt the balance of the world. We didn’t even give up natural food, think. Has man come a long way since the early times of civilizations? I think the human is the same person; The toys he had just changed and the world he lived in became dirty, ugly. Man is a very selfish being. Otherwise, there would not be so many hungry, miserable and helpless people in the world. Perhaps, geography ceased to be destiny. But unfortunately we have enough experience to see that this is not possible. ”

Which movie was he affected by? “Manchester by the Sea” is the movie he has most influenced recently. “Jason Bourne” is the movie that he enjoys watching and watched many times.

Watched TV series: ‘Bates Motel’ and ‘Peaky Blinders’.

City / country he wants to travel the most: Hong Kong, Vietnam and Cambodia are among those that come to mind first.

Favorite city: He loves everywhere for a different reason, he is not a favorite person, but if he has to choose, Barcelona gives the answer.


2013-Secrets / Kadir

2014/2015-Bandits / Ferdi

2015 -Happiness / Batu Değirmenci

2016 -Shades Of Sacrifice / Volkan

2017 -Keyboard Boys (Klavye Delikanlıları) / Kerem

2018 – Tragedy / Cemal Gökdemir

2019 -The Circle/ Kaan Karabulut

2019 / 2020- Hekimoğlu / Mehmet Ali Çağlar


2020- Poppy / Ayhan

2014 Ümmü Sıbyan: Zifir (Producer)

2015 Yok Artık! (Producer)

2016- Yok Artık 2 / The Boy

2017 -Bölük / Erdal

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