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Who is Aras Bulut İynemli? Height – Age – Series – Family

Aras Bulut İynemli was born on 25 August 1990 in Istanbul. Turkish TV series and movie actor.

Name: Aras Bulut İynemli
Date of Birth: August 25, 1990
Place of Birth: İstanbul
Height: 1.80 m.
Weight: 70 kg
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Eye color brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Mother: Sevtap İynemli
Father: Cengiz Iynemli
Siblings: Orçun Iynemli, Yeşim Iynemli
Pets: He has a dog.

Family: Originally from Istanbul, father is an electrical technician, mother is a housewife. He has a brother and an older sister. Her older sister is a singer and her brother is a theater actor. “My brother is 11 years older than me, I learned a lot from my father and him; he throws it at him, I do not go to this, I do not like to fight. Acting is in the genes, my uncle is also a State Theater actor, and my mother’s uncle is an actor. I guess the situation of my brother and sister was more congenital than me. Mine developed a little later. ”

His childhood years: His biggest passion is Beşiktaş. He was born in Beşiktaş. “I graduated from Beşiktaş High School. Even when I was 11, I was crying when Beşiktaş was defeated. I don’t forget the Chelsea game, nor 8-0. Because our love increases as we win, and our loyalty increases as we lose. I grew up in the neighborhood. I also like neighborhood culture. My family was crowded, my brother, my sister, my cousins. I usually played guys who lack love, but I never had a lack of love. ”

Education life: After graduating from Beşiktaş Anatolian High School, he started to study in the Department of Aeronautical Engineering at Istanbul Technical University.

How was the idea of ​​becoming an actor born? Regardless of his branch, he always wanted to be an engineer. However, he never missed theater, cinema, camera and stage. He did it, albeit an amateur. “My inner voice was telling me that I should follow this profession because I was doing it very fondly. Good thing I listened to that voice. Acting is constantly feeding me. I’ve always been interested in mathematics and physics in life. Aircraft and engineering were attractive to me. But this is my way. ”

First step into acting: He started his television adventure with the ‘Back Streets’ series.

With which project did he shine? He drew attention with the character “Mete”, which he portrayed in the TV series “Time Goes By”.

Personality traits: Funny, intelligent, determined, sympathetic, honest, does not like to lie, the one who gets hold of it.

Personal development: Trying to improve his English. To take part in a dream international project since the age of 15-16.

Social: He loves to be social and have fun, but fame that came at a young age made him give up his social. “I got a little self-absorbed.”

Mindset: The older he got, the more he matured and calmed. He learned to ‘accept’. Now, instead of reading something as you know it, it accepts people, people and situations as they are. “Nobody has to understand 100% of anyone, I keep saying” This is such a person, I am like this “, and this is good for me. I find it valuable to make mistakes and to learn from it. ”

What kind of person is he on set? He listens to music before the scene he will shoot. He thinks that each character needs a different type of music, or even genre. “What I listen to has always nourished me while creating that character.”

A source of happiness: Working with Çağan Irmak is one of the biggest sources of happiness. “Çağan Irmak is full of energy, incredibly professional and a person whose perceptions are fascinating. It is impossible not to believe him when he talks to his actor and explains the content of the scene. It takes the burden off your shoulders. Working with Çağan Irmak is a very valuable experience both professionally and humanly. ”

First motion picture: Murat Şeker / Aşk Tutulması

Definition of love: “Love is the process of discovering oneself. In every relationship we face our own sacrifice, our own limits, our own weaknesses. The presence of love embraces and treats us. Love is a feeling that makes me discover, mature and develop myself. ”

View of life: Life motto: Never give up. “My struggle with life is as much as in our lives. But what matters to me; hope. Hope is always there, and it should always be because it is the most precious thing that keeps us alive. My mother always said, “If you dream of something, go get it, there is always hope, there should always be obstacles.” In short, “never give up”.

His view of business life: He thinks that there is a lot to be improved as a system and a sector. “We’ll be much better when we get a little more systematic and really start telling stories. Our times are too long. But at the end of the day, the situation should be taken care of. Because I both love to be positive and I think there is no end to complaining.
I am one of the lucky ones to do this job because I have met good people and teams so far. But I have many friends who cannot work with good teams and get tired. It cannot serve good stories. I dropped out while studying the department I wanted most at college and switched to acting. From that point on, I adopted the motto “I always have to do my best in this job” as a life motto. Responsibilities increase when our work is successful and loved. It has both worrying sides and positive sides. I prefer not to get stuck with these. I am moving forward on this path by trying to do my best. Of course, I always know that it’s better and I’m trying to do it. Every job has a responsibility. The recognition part of this work is also part of this responsibility. I do not mind much, I do not ignore it. ”

Career plan: He wants cinema to be in his life for the rest of his life. It plans to expand abroad in the future. “My manager and I think the most important thing is the story. It draws me that the character has a struggle and teaches me something. I love theater and want to do it professionally. I think the theater scene and the front of the camera are separate disciplines. But I am not experienced enough to run both. If I am going to be in the theater, I just want to concentrate on it and learn about it. ”

Concerns: The thing he worries about; Defeating people’s rights. “I take care not to break anyone’s heart or break anyone’s rights. Because I love and respect people. ”

The criterion of attractiveness in women: The first thing that catches a woman’s attention is sincerity. “It makes me feel safe to have someone with whom I can share everything with all the openness in my life.”

Hobby: He loves dancing. He went to the dance class while he was continuing “Time Goes By” There is also a chocolate course among the courses he attended.

Relationship with nature: When his morale deteriorates, he walks in nature. “I have been walking lately because I learned that the brain has a balance between right and left and I have tested it by experiencing it myself.”

Which movie was he affected by? The movie he never tired of watching; The “Batman Dark Knight”.

What is the most annoyed? Also, he cannot stand the people he loves and believes to turn business behind.


2017/2020 – The Pit / Yamaç Koçovalı

2019- Crash/ Yamaç Koçovalı

2016/2017 – Insider / Umut- Mert

2015- Maral /Sarp Altan

2013/2014 – Magnificent Century /Prince Bayezid

2010/2013 – Time Goes By /Mete Akarsu

2009 – Back Streets (Şeref)


2013 -Mahmut ile Meryem/Mahmut

2013-Tamam mıyız? /İhsan

2014- Pek Yakında/ Konuk Oyuncu

2017 -Martıların Efendisi / Ateş

2019-7. Koğuştaki Mucize/ Memo


2011-Antalya Television Awards / Best Supporting Actor / Time Goes By

2011- Best Awards / Best Supporting Actor

2014 -Sadri Alışık Theater and Cinema Artists Awards / Ekrem Bora Promising Actor Award / Tamam mıyız?

2017- 12th ITU Makinistanbul Media, Art and Sports Awards / Epgik Special Award

2017- Yeditepe University 5th Dilek Awards / Best Actor

2017- Okan University Best of the Year Awards / Best Male Series Player

2018 Yeditepe University 6th Dilek Awards / Best Actor / The Pit

2018- MGD 23rd Golden Lens Awards / Best Actor

2018- 9.Quality of Magazine Magazine Awards / Best Quality Actor

2018- 45th Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards / Best Actor

2018- GQ Moty by Clear 2018 / Male Player of the Year

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